Bottle cap packaging product characteristics

For bottle cap manufacturers, their product characteristics and the sale of plastic bottles are still different. Compared with plastic bottles, bottle caps are not considered hollow products and occupy relatively little space. Therefore, the cost of such bottles is naturally reduced in terms of long-distance transportation, which is very beneficial to the expansion of the sales radius of bottle cap manufacturers. The geographical advantages are due to plastic bottle packaging products.

At the same time, the cap size has relevant implementation standards. Unless there are special requirements, the general appearance and shape of caps are uniform. In this way, the sample problem will not be very troublesome during the procurement process. The plastic bottle companies use a lot of funds each year for sample consignment. Bottle cap manufacturers can greatly reduce this problem.
Of course, bottle caps also have the same problems as plastic bottle manufacturers. That is the problem of mold opening. Once the product is involved in mold opening, it involves a lot of costs. Therefore, the cap mold has become an important cost for many cap manufacturers. Therefore, it is critical for bottle cap companies to effectively reduce cap moulds.

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