Wine bottle packaging design needs to keep pace with consumers

At present, the liquor market is in the doldrums, and liquor sales and prices have fallen. Although wines have maintained growth, they have formed a big gap with the rapid growth of previous years. For wine distributors and beverage packaging companies, they are currently in a difficult period. Similarly, our bottle companies are also facing challenges.

For the current market status, we believe that bottle companies are in the adjustment period of the market, do a good job of internal strength, and actively and steadily promote the innovation of enterprise product packaging is very important.
On the one hand, current consumption forces in the liquor market have gradually entered the 80-90 market. People in this age group are more pursuing personality and freedom. Our wine bottle packaging design also needs to break through the original forms, and we need to make breakthroughs in the appearance and capacity of the bottle. For example, for the traditional 750ML wine bottle, we think that it can be designed in the direction of small-capacity 200-300ML small-capacity wine bottles to meet individual needs.
On the other hand, bottle companies should keep pace with the times. Incorporate the most popular elements of the current, such as some of the new concept of drift bottles, etc. into the bottle, and for example, the QR code is introduced into the bottle label, and the bottle information is expanded.

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