Who moved the printed "cheese"

2012 is a year of "fascination" for the printing industry, and the prospects are almost as if they are in the fog, they can't be touched, they can't see. Furthermore, 2012 is also the “year of transformation” and “reorganization year” of the printing industry. The author below sorts out which companies have entered the “reorganization” since 2012.

In 2012, those restructured printing companies. On January 19th, the Manroland Creditors Committee held a meeting on the 18th under the guidance of bankruptcy protection manager WernerSchneider and company representative Dr. Frank Kebekus and reached an agreement on an investment intention. At the meeting, the solution to split the company into three separate divisions was widely recognized. “Our common goal is to transfer the company to investors interested in long-term independent development,” WernerSchneider said after the meeting. At the same time, he pointed out that the first condition required by the creditor committee is the continuous operation plan, the employee retention plan and the quick execution plan of the sales contract as stated by the investor.

2. On February 1, according to the British "Print Weekly" report, Kodak Company pointed out that digital printing and packaging solutions are its business unit with growth potential, and hope to establish the confidence of potential investors. It is understood that Kodak will resolve debt issues fairly and focus on developing its core business, including retail system solutions, document scanners and digital printing. On the other hand, Kodak also summarized its growth potential business: consumer inkjet, digital printing solutions, enterprise workflow software and services, and packaging solutions.

3. On April 13, Beiren Printing Machinery Co., Ltd. announced that it was informed by the actual controller Beijing Jingcheng Electromechanical Holdings that it was planning a major asset restructuring for the company. The company applied for a suspension from April 16.

4. On June 21, the company's news group announced in Australia that the major restructuring plan will merge the printing and electronic business, and therefore needs layoffs. The future business development should match the new electronic world. The group will have 19 business units. Reorganized to 5?

The basic factors of printing reorganization The news about the restructuring of printing companies can be seen on the Internet almost every month. Almost all printers believe that restructuring and mergers are one of the roads for the development of the printing industry in the future. One after another printing companies only look at the "front" and ignore the past. Therefore, the lack of judgment, who is in the history of the development of the printing industry has moved "hands and feet"? Who actually moved the "fruits" that the printing ancestors buried for us? I don't think many printing companies have ever thought about this problem.

Nowadays, the development of the printing industry has entered a period of “low valley”. The whole industry in the world is sluggish. The author believes that such a result is inevitable. This is a “frustration” that must be passed through for industrial development. There is an old saying in our country called "I don't experience the storm when I see the rainbow". This sentence is reflected in the current printing industry. This is a moment of choice and persistence. The author believes that the road of printing industry is still very long, the future of printing is very beautiful, "the survival of the fittest", those who choose to transform are not counted as "escape", I don't know, but I do Know that in the future, there must be no "it" name in the brilliant printing century.

The following are some of the basic reasons why the author believes that the printing industry has undergone restructuring:

The development of the times is that big fish eat small fish. The competition between enterprises is another cruel battlefield. The defeat of the king is equally applicable here. In the printing industry, especially in China, small and medium-sized enterprises occupy the majority. These enterprises have no core technology and are backed by no honest funds. In the process of development, it is easy to face the "financial dilemma", thus facing a crisis and prone to bankruptcy. According to a survey, in China, the careful printing enterprises in bankruptcy are almost all due to financial problems. This is an era when big fish eat small fish. If these companies don't want to be "washed out of history," mergers and reorganizations will be their only way.

Printing in troubled times, the emergence of illegal printing. Nowadays, illegal printing can be seen in the news almost every day. The author believes that the printing industry has experienced a "downturn" period, and these illegal printers are inextricably linked. At the same time, because of the emergence of illegal printing, those formal enterprises are forced to "price cut" in price, thereby reducing profits and increasing the emergence of "low profits" in printing.

Price war, the interests are smoldering. Competition price war is a kind of “self-mutilation” competition between each industry. It has a good reputation through low-profit methods (some companies have even been replenished) and crowded out other industries. This is undoubtedly a good example of the price war between Jingdong and Suning. The emergence of price wars may cause some companies to close down directly. Especially for small and medium-sized enterprises, the price war is almost equal to self-destruction.

If the printing industry is to develop, there will inevitably be some printing companies that will become a stepping stone. It is either a big company or an insignificant small company. They have cast the brilliance of future printing with cruel facts. Reorganization is inevitable. In the process, the disappearance of some familiar corporate names is inevitable. It can be reproduced in the printing industry in another way, or enter other industries, or become a dust, become a cornerstone of the development of the printing industry.

"Chengdu is also a wind, the defeat is also a wind!" This sentence, the author gave readers to read carefully! The charm of the taste can only be tasted slowly.

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