Go to Thailand to buy tax-free L'Oreal 36 yuan to buy lotion

Thailand duty-free shop L'Oreal counters at a glance

Thailand duty-free shop L'Oreal counters at a glance

Thailand duty-free L'Oreal is super cheap

Because of its manufacturing location in L'Oreal, Thailand's L'Oreal duty-free shop is surprisingly cheap. Facial cleansing products that are converted to RMB only about 20 yuan are often sold out of stock, and Xiaobian has not been successfully purchased this time. Looking at the crowds in the picture, you know that Thailand's duty-free L'Oreal, which is only 50% off the domestic price, is definitely worth buying.

L'Oreal Oil Control Moisturizing Water

36 yuan L'Oreal oil control moisturizing water

To say that NO.1's hot product, it must be filled with a counter of 180 baht of moisturizing oil control toner. The domestic counter price is 110 yuan, and this tax is only 36 yuan in the tax-free L'Oreal, which is almost 30% off. It's no wonder that there is a counter, although there is no promoter, but it is already a large part.

Star muscle bottom liquid is also half price

Star muscle bottom liquid is also half price

L'Oreal Youth Password Revitalizing Essence Liquid Foundation has long been popular with domestic consumers because of its high performance and high cost performance. Thailand's tax-free L'Oreal is only half of the domestic price, and a good price of 50% off is absolutely heart-rending. If you go with your girlfriend, you can also buy 2 bottles, the price is more favorable.

Eye and lip makeup remover

Mad and non-distressed eye and lip makeup remover

Another eye and lip makeup remover equivalent to 40% off, although Thailand is 125ml, less than the domestic 150ml, but the district 25ml is less than a full 58 yuan, it is too cost-effective. A lot of girls who love makeup are buying in a large number of counters, and they are also licking this eye and lip makeup remover.

L'Oreal Men's Power Series

Save half of the men's suit

If you are happy to buy your own beauty products, you can also help your other half with a casual snack. The men's suits there are also discounted. The most popular set of men's suits that cover basic skin care, together, is a 50% discount on domestic counter prices.

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