Application of Drop Table in Work Production

HD-520AS   Drop benches are designed to test the damage of a product's packaging due to a fall, and to evaluate the impact strength of a transport handling process.

  Drop bench with double-column guide, the number of height drop can be set, stable and reliable, can achieve edge, surface, angle fall, to meet GB/T4857.5-92 , ISO2248-1972E . This drop machine adopts photoelectric control, can set seven levels of drop height, and can also choose drop height freely. Falling release adopts electromagnetic control, which can make the sample fall freely at once and perform drop impact test on the edge, corner and plane of packaging container. . Drop machine classification: single-arm drop machine, dual-arm drop machine, the drop machine HD-520A belongs to single-arm drop machine.

Single-wing drop testing machine HD-520AS main technical parameters:

Display method: Digital display height display

Drop height: 300~1300mm

Maximum weight of test piece: 60kg

Maximum size of specimen: (L × W × H) 1000 × 700 × 1000mm

Falling panel area: (L × W) 1700 × 1400mm

Support arm size: 290 × 240 × 8mm

Dropping error: ± 10mm

Drop plane error: <1 °

Dimensions: (L × W × H)1700 × 1400 × 2015mm

Control box size: (L × W × H) 350 × 350 × 1100mm

Machine weight: 450kg

Power supply: 1 ∮ , AC380V, 50Hz

Transmission mode: electric drive

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