"New White Hair Witch" is very popular Wu Qilong shares the secret of youthful face

The charm of our four-year-old man is becoming more and more mature and steady. What kind of magical skin care method has he used to change the traces of the years? Below, Xiaobian takes everyone to see the magical men's anti-aging skin care method!

"New White Hair Witch" is very popular Wu Qilong shares the secret of youthful face

Wu Qilong's skin care experience

I have always had a special liking for the DIOR brand. Whether it is high fashion, perfume or skin care , every piece is full of creative French fashion classics. Dior continues to delve into the pursuit of excellence and perfect brand spirit in every creation. Here I especially recommend this new intensive repair essence mask. In just ten minutes, it gives the tired skin a wonderful moisturizing and revitalizing care. The skin looks like a new life, as if it led us through the time and met ourselves.

Wu Qilong has extraordinary physical strength. In addition to exercising, it is important to moisturize the skin in the dry autumn. Drinking water and eating more fruits is a good way to replenish your body and skin.

"New White Hair Witch" is very popular Wu Qilong shares the secret of youthful face

Always cleansing the skin for oil control

Wu Qilong, who is a martial arts actor, is not necessary to say that he is agile, but in the upcoming "New White Haired Witch Biography", we will certainly see a different Zhuo Yihang. For the maintenance of the skin, it is always right to cleanse the skin for oil control and moisturizing. Wu Qilong also has experience in this skin care.

Men's skin care is more careful than women's. Generally, men's skin will produce more oil than women. When shooting step by step, it is essential to control oil cleansing. Look at the four masters in the play. Without a acne, I know that his oil control for the skin is in place.

Dry weather to moisturize skin care

Scorpio's Wu Qilong gives us a skin care tip. Dry weather should moisturize skin care. Anti-wrinkle treatment is very powerful for hiding age. Massage the skin to reduce fine lines and make skin tone whiter and more lustrous.

"New White Hair Witch" is very popular Wu Qilong shares the secret of youthful face

Shaving should be picked in the morning

Men's beards grow fast, and some people's beards are particularly thick. It is necessary to shave and shave frequently. The shave should be picked in the morning because the face and skin are relaxed. Choose a good quality, irritating shaving cream, soap and gas shaving water. Clean the face first, let the pores relax and open, the beards become soft and start shaving. The order of manipulation should be from the corners, cheeks, neck to the lips and chin. After shaving, wash your face with warm water and then rinse it with cold water to help reduce the open pores. Afterwards, apply some moisturizing liquid, cream, etc. to soothe the skin and reduce the sting.

Apply every morning and evening and after washing your hands. It is best to hold a skin massage at the same time, which has a special effect on protecting the skin for the winter. Doing facial and hand massage two or three times a day can promote skin blood circulation, restore skin elasticity, and cushion skin nerve fatigue.

Proper exercise and exercise to improve skin resistance

Appropriate exercise and exercise are very helpful for improving the skin's resistance. When Wu Qilong is free, he will exercise and exercise, which can keep his body and body energy and skin care to make his skin wrinkles less younger.

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