Stable and powerful red apple D9249-2 wardrobe

[ Chinese wardrobe net ] sliding door wardrobe has the characteristics of simple and generous, saving space. Today, Xiaobian introduces a 9249-2 wardrobe of red apples. Its appearance is exquisite and elegant. Compared with other wardrobes, it has great advantages in detail design, which can meet the individual needs of consumers.

Red apple wardrobe

product description:

Product: D9249-2 meter white light wardrobe

Brand: red apple

Measuring the initial impression:

Wardrobe evaluation

Red apple D9249-2 meters white light wardrobe, using Italian ICA original imported white varnish, melamine panel with a thickness of 25mm, the height of 2 meters 41 meets the high space of the family floor. The internal structure is simple, the left and right are basically symmetrical, and two drawers are added to the right cabinet. Consumers can change the height of the laminate and the height of the clothes rail according to their needs.

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