It can be whitened without the use of cosmetics.

In the face of the price of cosmetics , how to whiten the most affordable? In fact, in life, you only need to eat food, and its whitening effect is not worse than using expensive cosmetics. So what can you eat whitening? The above introduces several super-invalid whitening fruits for everyone, so that you can lose weight while you are at the same time.

In the face of crazy price-dropping cosmetics, how to whiten the most affordable? What can you eat whitening? The above small series introduces several super-invalid whitening fruits for everyone, so that you can lose weight while beauty, and double-edged.

1, apple - regular apple can fade facial freckles and chloasma

Apple is rich in nutrients and is a universally used natural beauty product. It is regarded as a beauty product by many beauty lovers. The small amount of water and various moisturizing factors contained in the apple have a moisturizing effect on the skin. Vitamin C can inhibit the calmness of melanin in the skin, and the apple can have a whitening effect. In addition, the rich fruit acid components contained in apples can cause pores to be delayed and have acne effects.

The apple is functional and can be used as a natural mask or sliced. For oily skin, 1/3 of the apples are mashed, applied to the face for 15 minutes, then washed, and then washed with cold water to harden the stratum corneum and balance the oil secretion.

2, grapefruit skin contains precise ingredients, has a warm effect, is conducive to promoting blood circulation. Its juice contains vitamin C, B1, B2, which has a good effect on the skin dryness. Grapefruit also contains minerals such as iron, calcium and potassium, which have a harmful effect on the blood. Usage: Take the grapefruit and wash it. Everything is four petals. Take the seeds and use them separately. Put the seeded pomelo petals into the cooking pot, participate in the mineral water, boil and suffocate for 30 minutes. Remove the boiled pomelo petals and remove the broth, then put them into a blender and stir them into a paste. Put them into a 300 ml bottle, pour them into a 20-degree shochu and shake them for a while. Wash your hands and wash your face.

3 often use strawberry beauty, which can make the skin fresh and smooth, and prevent pigmentation. Drinking a cup of strawberry juice before going to sleep can also relax the nerves, which is good for treating insomnia. Strawberry - can whiten and nourish moisturizer

Strawberry berry, with a sugar content of 6%-10%, and contains a variety of fruit acids, vitamins and minerals, can enhance skin elasticity, whitening and nourishing moisturizing effect.

In addition, the strawberry is suitable for oily skin, has the effect of removing oil and cleansing the skin, and the strawberry juice can be used as a cosmetic product. Many of today's cleansing and nutrient masks also participate in the composition of strawberries, such as the rare raspberry polyphenols, which have a good effect on acne.

4, Houttuynia has antibacterial, diuretic and dilated capillaries, can promote blood circulation of the skin, slow down and promote new, have a good effect on acne, freckles, constipation. Usage: Wash 150 grams of Houttuynia cordata, dry it, grind it into the gauze, squeeze out the juice, filter it, and then take a cup of 35-degree shochu or liquor. After a week of storage, take a teaspoon of sesame oil and mix well. can. Shake well before use. Houttuynia cordata can also be used in baths or teas to make the skin natural and lubricated.  

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