Learn the supple makeup to make the sweetest autumn girl

The first step: watery sweet eye makeup

Creating skills: the creation of tender and sweet makeup, first of all, the creation of watery eyes is very important. Brighten the entire eye socket (a part) with a bright eye shadow, make the eyes more sacred, more watery texture, while deepening the color with the pink eye shadow at the double eyelids (b part), making the eyes deeper, The eye and the lower ciliary tail (d, e parts) use the high-gloss powder to brighten the eyes again to increase the water-staining effect. Use a eyeliner or eyeliner to create a more enticing eyeliner that makes your eyes bigger and brighter. Finally, use mascara to make a more curling lash effect, brighten your eyes and make your eyes more watery.

Watery eye makeup praise product recommendation:

Guerlain Guerlain Fire Flower Gold Diamond Bright Limited Edition Four Color Eye Shadow

Reference price: ¥520.00

The Petaling Fire Flower Bright Four-Color Eye Shadow Limited Edition features a Fleur de Feu fire flower pattern with a grayish white and radiant pink background, with a touch of psychedelic color. In the elegant and understated black gold eye shadow box, the color spurts out.

Comments: This continues the Guerlain's noble and luxurious style as always, and the color flows at the forefront of fashion. The highly saturated color block flashes with a shimmer to brighten the entire eyelid, highlighting the owner's elegance and elegance.

Recommended reason: several colors together or a single brush have a good effect, fine powder, high adhesion, long-lasting makeup.

Bobbi Brown Bobbi Brown Cloud Eyeliner

Reference price: ¥250.00

Product introduction: The world's flowing cloud eyeliner ushered in a new star yarn series! The long-lasting waterproof effect and high-density color make this product on the six-star list. Unique: high-density water-repellent formula creates long-lasting soft eyeliner. With BOBBI BROWN professional fine eyeliner brush or eyeliner brush, it can not only achieve the thick and thin eyeliner can not reach, but also can be blooming, to achieve a more natural effect than the eyeliner. Star composition: The long-lasting waterproofing component also provides a quick-drying effect, which does not smudge, fade, and shines with the early spring of 2007 to create eye-catching makeup. Fragrance free, tested by a dermatologist. How to use: Apply a fine eyeliner to the eyeliner, gently wipe off the excess eyeliner on the make-up paper, or flatten and smooth the brush on the back of the hand, then start to draw the eyeliner. If you want a natural soft eyeliner, you should draw as thin as possible in the inner corner of the eye, and at the outer corner of the eye, you can extend it slightly, so that the eyes will be more radiant and brighter.

Comments: This is a very popular eyeliner, but the use of eyeliner will be relatively difficult, novices need to practice more to achieve better results.

Recommended reason: waterproof effect, will not smudge, keep the makeup clean.

Lancome Lancome Eyelash Hypnotic Mascara

Reference price: ¥320.00

Product introduction: 6 times dense roots and unique SOFT-SCULPTTM soft plastic technology, its formula instantly stretches each eyelash, bringing long-term flexibility, smooth and well-defined eyelashes, up to 6 times thick stereo effect More vitamin B5 nourish eyelashes; the unique precision brush head of the leading technology makes the makeup a pleasant feeling.

Edit Comment: 6 times thick effect is really very good.

Recommended reason: Instant 6 times thicker has a strong effect on brightening eyes.

Step 2: Sweet personality makeup

Tips for making it: Use the pink orange to rub the face of the smiling part of the face, making the face more supple. If you want to make the blush effect more tender and tender, you can use liquid blush products, which will make the whole makeup look more tender!

Sweet personality facial makeup praise product recommendation:

Yuxi two-color blush

Reference price: ¥150

Product Description: Yuxi two-color blush, to create a three-dimensional cheeks, while brightening the skin, bringing a healthy moisturizing effect. The Yusai Research Laboratory proposes high-tech solutions based on the three major questions that Chinese women choose when they are in the process of blushing. Yuxi two-color blush has a true color of high coverage; ultra-fine powder makes the makeup extraordinarily light and smooth; spherical particles make the touch more delicate and enhance the ductility; perfect paste and facial skin, comfortable and smooth all day.

Comments: Two colors make skin tone better and healthier.

Part III: Sleek sexy double lips makeup

Creating skills: Although the autumn wind is not as bleak as the winter north wind, but the ability to make the skin dry and water-deficient, the autumn wind's "ability" is still sufficient. Then, when creating a supple lip, remember to use a lip balm before using lip gloss, in order to make your lips look more tender and sexy. Next, choose a lip gloss with a more overall look and color to add color to your lips. Of course, if you want a more tender and sweet feeling, pink lip gloss is a good choice.

Slim sexy lips makeup praise product recommendation :

Chanel crystal bright lip gloss

Reference price: ¥270

Product introduction: Chanel crystal bright lip honey pink pearl particles, silver glossy reflection factor, gold particles, rainbow mica: each new color of crystal bright lip gloss exudes pure and meticulous luster. Extremely glossy lip gloss for a better lip makeup. Extremely bright finish, giving you crystal glass or laser-like color. Contains minerals and organic pigments. The delicate and rich texture makes the lips more full and bright, which makes the lip makeup more outstanding.

Comments: The crystal bright effect has a good effect on creating a supple and sweet makeup.

Recommended reason : the makeup effect is outstanding.

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