How to carry out green decoration?

To meet the requirements of the green indoor environment, attention should be paid to the design principles, design schemes, construction procedures, selection of decoration materials and indoor air quality inspection of interior decoration:

1 In the decoration, try to use indoor decoration and decoration materials in line with national standards, which is the basis for reducing the harmful substances in indoor air.

2 In the purchase of furniture, you should choose the brand-name furniture produced by the formal enterprise. The qualified family can vacate the newly bought furniture for a while.

3 The renovated room should not be moved in immediately, but should have a certain time (three months to open the window to ventilate!), so that the harmful substances in the material will evaporate as soon as possible.

4 To choose a formal decoration company, key materials should try to purchase brand products by themselves.

5 Promote a simple, functionalist decoration scheme. Even if each material is a qualified product, it is “green”, but it does not ensure that the final decoration result is also “green” because of the harmful gas emitted by various qualified materials. Together, if the carrying capacity of the room is exceeded, it will also cause harm to the occupants.

Twist Rope

Product Features

 The twisted rope consists of three strands and is normally right-laid, or given a right-handed twist,including PP Rope, polyester rope, nylon rope, sisal rope and so on.


This rope has a balanced construction, medium lay and moderate stretch. A tough twisted construction makes this rope strong, yet easy to splice and also prevents it from unwinding.






 Polyethylene, Polypropylene,Polyester,Nylon,Sisal,Jute




3 Strands


1mm -- 80mm


As request

Break Strength

10kg -- 75000kg


As request


Hank, Coil, Reel, Poly bag, Tube, Spool....


500 kg


Product Applications

It is used widely industry, business and construction and for residential use.

Widely used in aviation, metallurgy machinery, railways, chemical industry, ports and other fields.

 Twist Rope

twist rope

twist rope

twist rope



Twist Rope

Twist Rope,PP Split Film Twist Rope,PP Danline Twist Rope,Polydac Combination Twist Rope


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