Secret men's "big coward" characteristics indifferent irritability and love smoking

At regular intervals, men will have emotional fluctuations and even physical discomfort for a few days. Medical experts call it the "low tide" phenomenon of men. Some doctors call it a male "physiological period". In fact, this is only a biological rhythm change, which is the result of changes in hormone levels. Only some people have obvious rhythms, and some people are not obvious. Let's take a look at some of the characteristics of men's physiological period.



Usually he cares for you carefully, not letting you suffer a little bit of grievances, not letting you drop a tear. However, he changed, he was angry from time to time, or worried about some inexplicable little things. The cheerful smile is hard to appear on his face any more, and all day is frowning.

When a man has a physiological period, there will be an inexhaustible fire in his heart. A little trivial matter can become a fuse, igniting the raging fire in his heart, and angering the crown.



When a man comes to a physiological period, he will appear to be restless. You asked him what happened. He said that he didn't want to talk, and he always kept you puzzled. Restlessness is a manifestation of a man's inner anxiety. He does not know that he is irritated by anything, but he cannot control himself.


He seems to be very cold, not even willing to talk to you, always hiding aside, reading a book, or watching TV. When you try to get close to your husband, his reaction will be unacceptable. He will dodge and even say loudly: "Go away, let me be quiet for a while." If you think that love is over, then it is wrong. In fact, this is a cyclical emotional disengagement that a man produces under the influence of psychological “fake leave”. It is neither his fault nor your fault.

Let him be quiet, don't bother him, the physiological period will pass.


I don't know what I want to do

For a while, men don't know what they are going to do, they don't know what they need. He always sits and reads a book, but always flips the book over; or watches TV, but tune the TV station, and can't find what he wants to see. When going out to eat or shop, he is usually very assertive, and he seems to be undecided to let you pick it yourself.

A man during a physiological period does not know himself and is more difficult to understand others, so don't let him take his mind and let him stop for a while.

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