Renhao Furniture Li Hong: Resilience is not disappointing

[Reporter] Hello Miss Li, thank you for accepting our interview. How did you feel about the exhibition at this Shenzhen exhibition?

[Li Hong] I was deeply touched by the exhibition. I saw the Dongguan Exhibition and saw the Guangzhou Exhibition. I feel that our Shenzhen exhibition is indeed a brand, and I feel quite happy.

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[Reporter] How does the dealer reflect on your company's products?

[Li Hong] Because Dinoya has always been relatively stable, we think that if the dealers come over, it should be "enhanced confidence and not disappointment", this is their biggest feeling.

[Reporter] I saw a lot of people outside your company's exhibition hall just outside. What marketing measures did the exhibition take? What kind of purpose do you want to achieve with this marketing approach?

Li Hong, Assistant General Manager of Shenzhen Renhao Furniture

[Li Hong] We have body painting outside the exhibition hall. This marketing method has also attracted a part of the passenger flow, because we are pushing some fashionable and valuable products this year. Therefore, painting is a reflection of the quality of life. We take the desire to pursue a better life as the starting point.

[Reporter] What do you think is the highlight of your company's new product this time?

[Li Hong] The light board we pushed is the first in the industry. According to our judgment, the mainstream consumer groups will be converted into 80s. This is also a key point for us in terms of market demand. We hope to capture the market share, from over-branding in the industry to consumer brands.

[Reporter] What do you think is the most important thing from the brand over-the-counter to the consumer brand?

[Li Hong] This scores both hardware and software. The hardware is that our products are in line with the market positioning and meet the needs of consumers. From the software, it is service and support. The whole Renhao team is not only the marketing team, I think it is necessary. All members participate in big marketing and do a good job in service and support.

[Reporter] Thank you for accepting our interview. I wish you a happy career!

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