2011 energy conservation and environmental protection into a new trend

With the sharp decline of resources and the emergence of global warming, the concept of “green environmental protection” has become the focus of attention of all walks of life. Home, as an industry closely related to us, is also facing new industrial adjustments.

Green bathroom

Sanitary ware is an extremely important part of our home life, whether it is from aesthetics, from production to use, it must be green and environmentally friendly. Statistics show that most of the toilets we use at present are flushing water of 9 liters and more, with a large amount of water, and the water leakage is also very serious, which undoubtedly caused heavy waste of water resources. The reporter learned that in order to improve this situation, the leading brand of Chinese sanitary ware TOTO, the first to introduce the standard of 6 liters into China, this move has subtly promoted the reform of domestic water-saving and energy-reduction. TOTO has launched an ECO-MAX water-saving toilet that exceeds national standards and uses only 4.8 liters of water. It also provides a healthier enjoyment while saving water. After that, many sanitary ware companies have launched energy-saving and consumption-reducing sanitary ware products, which will mean that a new "green" era has quietly arrived.

Green appliances

Energy saving and consumption reduction is not only the unshirkable responsibility of the sanitary industry, but also a difficult problem for the home appliance industry. Refrigerators are the "power-hungry households" in home appliances, and the requirements for innovation and upgrading are even more urgent. Haier is a well-known home appliance brand, and its refrigerator has made good achievements in energy conservation and environmental protection for many years. With the development of market demand, Haier has recently applied a number of advanced technologies such as aerospace thermal insulation technology to develop refrigerator products with considerable power consumption. The refrigerator has been reduced from 0.33 degrees to 0.27 degrees per day. The power consumption of 0.23 degrees per day has brought us a new technological revolution. Subsequently, more and more home appliance manufacturers began to increase the intensity of research and development of "green" products.

Green paint

Paint coating is one of the most important aspects of our home renovation. Relevant statistics show that the demand for paints and coatings in China is increasing year by year, but due to the constraints of technology and raw materials, many domestic paints are still lacking in green environmental protection. Nowadays, people are increasingly advocating green home life, and choosing green and environmentally friendly “green” paints and coatings has become a consensus. Nowadays, there are many paint brands on the market. According to the results of the market, the most outstanding quality should be Laiwei. As the world's largest paint manufacturer, AkzoNobel's important high-end strategic brand, Laiwei has a long history of more than 170 years. By Gustav? Founded in Belgium in 1831, Laiwei has been the royal paint of the Belgian royal family and has been hailed as the “Rolls Royce” of the paint industry. For more than a decade, Laiwei has maintained an impressive record of the world's number one sales.

The reporter visited the market and found that the lacquer is not only bright and fashionable, but also has unique functions. Laiwei anti-formaldehyde paint coating can effectively absorb and eliminate formaldehyde in the air, greatly reduce the formaldehyde content in the living room, and continuously purify the indoor air, making our living environment more comfortable and healthy. Its ultra-low VOC products use an innovative, clean taste formula that protects our home from harmful volatiles and does not make us feel any unpleasant odor. The majority of users have reported that the lacquer is covered with fine cracks, anti-staining, anti-scratch, anti-mold and anti-yellowing functions, and is a truly green and green paint. The quality of Laiwei paint is obvious to all of us. Therefore, we also have reason to believe that Laiwei will always make unremitting efforts to create an environmentally friendly and healthy green home life with its excellent quality and “focus on life and care for health”.

People's living standards are constantly improving, and the awareness of "green life" is gradually forming. The issue of “energy saving and environmental protection, healthy and green” is no longer just a problem that needs to be overcome in the bathroom, home appliance and paint industries. It is also a reflection that all walks of life will face. Green life has become an inevitable mainstream trend.

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