A white cover three ugly "not a fake, white can cover up the delicate facial features, cover up the age of the skin. If you hide some spots under the skin of your face, the entire face will be eclipsed. Look at the following small spotty, let There are spots, your troubles are all thrown behind your head, to make a white and cool MM!

There is a protein called melanin in everyone's body. It is present in the basal layer of the skin. When ultraviolet rays are applied to the skin, the tyrosine in melanin changes, and tyrosinase is secreted into the skin, and the skin is in a "self-protective" state, stimulated by ultraviolet rays. Melanin pigment activates tyrosinase activity to protect our skin cells. Tyrosinase reacts with tyrosine in the blood to form a substance called "dopa". Dopa is actually the precursor of melanin, which is oxidized by tyrosine and releases melanin. Melanin moves through layers of cellular metabolism to the epidermal layer of the skin.

In general, melanin is metabolized by the keratin dandruff or excreted into the blood circulation system. However, when the exposure time is too long, the amount of exposure is too much, and it cannot be removed from the skin at the right time, these excessive melanin will precipitate in the skin, and the uniform precipitation will make the skin appear black, and uneven color precipitates. Form dark spots or deepen freckles.

To fundamentally reduce freckles, it is necessary to completely suppress melanin production from the source and from the inside out.

In order to prevent the invasion of ultraviolet rays, the first step is to do a good job of sun protection. It is necessary to bring a parasol and sunscreen on the go. Even if it is indoors, the lights and computer screens are all sources of ultraviolet rays, and the window will also Inject ultraviolet light from the sun. Therefore, sun protection is an all-weather, all-round necessary protection work. A sunscreen lotion that protects against UV rays and blocks pollution and make-up. It is the best fit for urban women. Just like L'Oreal's multi-protection barrier, it also designed white, yellow, purple and green color choices for Asian women who love whitening. It can also be used as a foundation to enhance practicality.

Focus on protection during the day and whitening repair at night. If it is spotted skin, it is recommended to use a whole set of whitening products, from basic lotion, lotion to whitening essence, and whitening mask. It is best to use facial whitening cream for facial massage regularly, one to two times a month, to help remove Keratin, accelerates skin metabolism and promotes the excretion of melanin. If there is no spot, just want the skin to whiten, you can strengthen the sunscreen, and do a whitening mask every week to enhance whitening.

Regardless of the skin type, you can increase the use of whitening essence on the basis of daily care, inhibit melanin production, and make the skin whiter and brighter. In the whitening essence, whitening ingredients are very important. L'Oreal's new Snow Beauty Spot Correcting Serum is a very good whitening essence. Its innovative breakthrough whitening ingredient, ellagic acid, can be sourced. It inhibits the formation of melanin and, through its powerful anti-oxidation effect, lightens the already formed spots and makes the skin whiter and more flawless.

It can also be used with some aromatic oils with whitening and freckle functions, such as lemon essential oil, neroli essential oil, rose essential oil, etc. to help the skin absorb whitening active ingredients.

Strengthen antioxidant food intake

Vitamin C and vitamin A are effective nutrients for whitening and protecting the skin. They can be ingested in the daily diet to enhance the body's antioxidant capacity and reduce melanin production. For example, broccoli, kiwi, cherry, tomato, lemon, etc. are whitening foods. Also drink plenty of water, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, and promote metabolism in the body. Eat less animal liver, beans, peaches and other foods, because the copper or zinc contained in these foods will activate the activity of tyrosinase and make the skin black.

You can also take a certain dose of vitamin C and vitamin E daily. These two ingredients are the most effective ingredients to improve the dark spots. They have both preventive and melanin-reducing effects. They can also help collagen to grow, moisturize the skin, and exert resistance. Oxidation prevents premature aging of the skin.

In addition, maintaining a comfortable and pleasant mood, paying attention to a reasonable diet, and timing are also important factors in whitening the skin.

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