Komori's preventive maintenance knowledge

From the human body metaphor, if you can pay attention to preventive medicine, diligent in the maintenance of the body, not only can not get sick and healthy, longevity, a lifetime of good life in a freehand; the same press has no failure, not only high efficiency, Quality is stable, but also can extend the mechanical life. However, the general printing presses are repaired by Breakdown, and the repair work cannot be performed until it is no longer usable. This is a time-consuming, costly and influential process of production. If you don’t understand the dietary habits of overeating, you will soon be in poor health and cause illness. Not only will your physical condition weaken and affect your lifestyle, but it will even affect your life span. In the end, you’ll be dragged by an unhealthy, sick body. During the years of life, many people did not do planned printing machine maintenance. Actually, there were planned prior inspections, monitoring of machine anomalies, and the pre-fighting work before undamaged, but rather economical. The two are very different from each other in that the human body has a natural balance and adjustment, and even a healing mechanism. Therefore, as long as there are regular medical consultations and improvement of lifestyles, plus drug control, you have the opportunity to return to good health on your own. , And machinery does not have the body's ability to automatically restore, unless you do a good job in replacement or adjustment of maintenance work, or only worse and worse until unbearable. Today's "KPM" Komori Prenent Maintennice Komori's preventative maintenance work is based on the above principle and emphasizes the performance of practice. In the world financial tsunami between the second half of 2008 and 2009, the economy was severely damaged. Major printing press manufacturers are no exception, and how to rejuvenate and recover is a severe test. If the printing business can strengthen the prevention and maintenance of the company's KPM in the mid- and long-term plans, it will not be immediately effective tomorrow. Instead, it will continue to do KPM continuously and turn it into a production knowledge. It is more efficient and safer to repair than to do it afterwards. If a hotel's fluorescent light does not have a fluorescent lamp that is flashing, customers will be discounted in their management confidence.

A printing press is a device that is both expensive and has no self-repair capability. If a lithographic printing machine prints 175 lines daily, its 1% dot diameter is less than 0.015 mm, and it must be invisible to the naked eye, so the leaf is used. The machine prints five sheets of printing paper per second, each with a few memorable dots on it, and as many as 15 per second on commercial rotary printing presses, while maintaining the precise printing of the dots on the blanket and onto the paper. The axis of the printing cylinder and the bearing, as well as the strength of the supporting structure of the shaft, the bearing, and the gear reversing wall that are driven or re-driven, must have good precision and stability, otherwise the two printings will not be repeated. In the fine dot position, the printing fault causes the dot to be deformed and becomes large. To maintain this extremely fine and high-speed operation accuracy, these 0.001-mm (micron) machine components maintain the accuracy of the original manufacturing process. , Become the most important issue for printer room users, managers and maintenance personnel. If the status of the printing press is divided into four grades A, B, C, and D, A. is still in a good range. B. Some irregularities have been noticed. C. Problem surface is no longer repairable. D. The machine has apparently failed and must be immediately repaired or otherwise unable to produce. A printing machine with a well-maintained blue line, often used for oil product replacement, cleaning and maintenance, can maintain its accuracy within 5 to 6 years. By the 9th year, it may reach the bottom of line B. Components do not enter the D-line until 11 years ago. Another printing machine with poorly maintained red lines has used the A-line to the B-line for 3 and a half years (the chain is not cleaned and lubricated, as long as there are more than one year failure examples), and four and a half years have entered C. The line area has been unusable for five and a half years. This is a serious result. It not only affects the quality and productivity of the printing, but also the company’s loss of property and goodwill. Therefore, it is necessary to inspect and diagnose the condition of the printing machine from time to time, and then make adjustments, repairs, and repairs to maintain the printing press in a good state of production.

If we use Heinrich's Heinrich's rule for body analysis, every hospitalized illness treatment is a cumulative accumulation of thousands of tens of thousands of bad habits in daily life. About 300 of them take medication at home. 29 hospital visits to the hospital to medical treatment behavior. A large-scale failure of the same printing press was also caused by oil drops, water stains, air obstruction, abnormal heat, vibration, abnormal sound, odor, loose parts, etc. Wiring slackness, filter dirty and obstructed, 29 times normal operation, bearing damage, vacuum compression air circuit failure, 1st bearing wear and abrasion, air circuit completely inoperable, or electrical major failure and downtime maintenance, etc. Both humans and machines are small and faulty to form large patients and cannot be used. So treat the printing press as if it were your own body, love it and observe it carefully and clean and maintain it to ensure proper operation.
The 5S movement implemented in Japan has also become a worldwide sport like karaoke, including

(1) SEIRI organizes, separates and necessitates what needs to be and does not require, and can be stored or removed when it is not needed.

(2) SEITON rectifies, places necessary things in a convenient place, and takes them when necessary.

(3) SEISOU cleaning, cleaning and wiping work inside and outside machinery, tools, keeping the environment clean and equipment clean, not only use smoothly, and in the cleaning wipe to the equipment status "check", understand what is wrong, this Is the most important one in 5S.

(4) SEIKETU is clean, keeps the body, mind and environment clean and free of dirt.

(5) SITUKE literacy, compliance with workplace regulations, and SOP specifications, not only do it in accordance with regulations, but also urge colleagues to do their job according to regulations.

Work, such as adding lubricating oil, grease and recycling oil replacement, oil filter core, magnet iron, water, impurity cleaning. Sweep water stains, glue liquid, and dust powder to keep the printing roller, ink roller, water roller, claws, and paper ejection chain clean. Check for abnormalities, wear, heat or unusual accidents. Adjust and replace parts for abnormal ink roller, water roller, claws and machine. The main bearing of the printing press is very delicate, and often worn out due to improper use of oil or oil, it can no longer be worn and wounded, and the jaws closed and the open rollers are under pressure due to flattening, or they may not pass smoothly. Paper printing and so on must be discovered through inspection and cleaning work.

Air, oil, and filter are the conditions for protecting the working efficiency of the gas supply and the oil pump, and will not be damaged. If the filter is blocked, the amount of air to be supplied will be reduced. This will cause feeders to feed paper, transport paper, and trim. It is not smooth to transfer the air-jacket and the paper collection, and the work efficiency and quality will be affected. Blocking the oil filter will cause the printing machinery to be worn out without being able to supply oil, causing serious accidents. Therefore, it is very important that the filter is kept clean and unblocked, and the filter function is maintained. The motor cooling fan filter unit plug also causes motor overheating to burn. For the wear replacement of the motor carbon brushes, the original manufacturer suggested that it should be replaced when it wears half the length. Mr. Chuan believes that replacement is needed when one third of the length is worn out. The safety is high and the electrodes on the motor rotor are less likely to wear out. In addition, air compressor belt aging, air filter and oil filter maintenance and cleanliness are equally important, and the air compressor compressed air tank is easy to produce water in high humidity days, if not eliminate will Affect the cylinder's action and rust. The static elimination device of the printing press itself has a high-voltage current, and if the integrity of the placement wire is not taken into consideration, static sparks are easily generated at the damaged portion, causing a fire accident and the like.

There are about 300 commercial rotary presses in Japan. On average, there is a dust on the drying system or paper folding device of a commercial rotary press. In particular, due to the accumulation of dust and dust in the printing, once the sparks are generated, the paper folding machine is ignited or In the oven, once the loss reached tens of millions of yen, it even scrapped and reinstalled the new printing press. There are many filters and oil filter housings are often made of transparent plastic material or glass, easy to visit, check, but most of the shell due to too much dust, too dirty, simply can not see the inside of the situation should be replaced and cleaned up. Zhang Yeping's claws have been changed to the cam closing mode. If a single bite is stuck, the cam's strong closing force will not be spring buffered, so that more than ten kilograms of pressure will be hundreds of kilograms of pressure, resulting in claw grips. The damage of the jaws, the impact on the safety of the printed roller surface, the axis of the claws, the wearing of the rollers, the shaft, and the bearing are also a major accident. Electric parts, electronic and computer fans are used for cooling. If the inlet filter is not clean, there is a possibility that overheated electronic parts and motor parts may be burned. The confirmation of the fan's function can be made by using a wire or a piece of fluttering material on the air outlet. As long as there is air supply, it will float and it is not necessary to detect it by hand. The factory should pay more attention to the storage of food. If you do not pay attention, it is easy to draw the mouse. Rats bite into the printer's transmission circuit and electronic circuit for grinding teeth, plus they can now use starch powder. To become a mouse food, so it is best that the workplace does not have food to enter the plant. It will save a lot of crises, and under the rats in the countryside, there will be snakes running into the factory and being in the distribution box. Under the machine, it's really scary.

The most common insults in electrical switchboards are dust, heat, burns, drips, drip, fly ash Flyash, rats, bugs, and snake traces. Short circuits occur and power is not supplied to electronic components. Therefore, the cleaning work must be completed. Be careful and careful. In order to smoothly produce and produce high-quality products, and to extend the service life and efficiency of the printing press, efforts should be made in the seven aspects of the environment, printing presses, printing plates, moist water, paper, ink, and rubber transfer materials.

(1) Environment The arrangement and management of room temperature, humidity and lighting, the safety of water supply, power supply, and line management in the printing room, such as the protection of oil products, solvent management, factory hygiene, and personnel safety, and establishing the correct standard operating procedure for SOP Let the staff follow.

(2) The management of the printing press shall be based on the refueling, cleaning, adjustment, replacement, inspection and abnormal inspection of the 5S, as well as restoration and repair, so as to maintain the normal operation of the printing press.

(3) plate management, from the CTP's laser light, the sensitivity of the printing plate, the stability of the development of syrup control, and then adjust the appropriate version of the adjustment curve according to different printing presses, paper conditions, to become a suitable reproduction of storage data, For different printing conditions under the output, pay attention to scratches and glue stability.

(4) ink management, fixed brand, hardness pointer, control the temperature of the printing press room and the constant temperature of the ink supply system of the printing machine, and the ink is fully stirred before the ink tank, so that the ink's shaking becomes better, do not put too much ink at a time. Hardened under the appropriate film to print, too thick ink film harmful ink balance, to prevent hair, high heat or UV light irradiation ink system, so that the ink roller on the viscosity of the ink becomes larger, fixed.

(5) The management of the ink roller and rubber blanket should be suitable for extremely elasticity of hardness, maintenance of the elasticity of the rubber surface, adjustment of the pressure, suitable lining of the blanket according to different hardness, printing water roller to prevent ink sticking, oil stain, ink roller prevention Colloid adhesion produces deinking. The roller must be resistant to IPA hydrophilic rubber, and the roller must be made of oleophilic rubber.

(6) Wet fluid management, adding appropriate hydrophilic liquid, IPA replacement fluid, and adding hydrophilic liquid automatically under the control of PH value, but there is also conductivity control, if the hydrophilic liquid with buffer solution is controlled by PH value accurate. Filter replacement, replacement of bad fountain solution, recirculation of the wet liquid, and temperature control.

In China, there are three Japanese companies and 17 Japanese printing companies have joined KPM's preventive maintenance system. Following the implementation of KPM maintenance and repair activities, the maintenance costs in the first year have decreased significantly, but the most important is the number of emergencies that are more urgent than those of the manufacturer. It dropped to less than 20%. Obviously, the work can be expected to increase smoothly! In the next year and the third year, the maintenance fees have dropped significantly, ensuring long-term high-quality print quality. Manufacturers include 11 items including environment, materials, wetting fluid, ink supply, water supply, rubber tube, plate cylinder, pressure tube, print data management, measuring instruments, printing workplace 5S management, etc., from the first 51 points to 86. The high scores of the points are also due to the fact that items are checked item by item, so that not only the mechanical equipment, environmental conditions, setting parameters, and material inspections are well taken care of, but also the appropriate and qualified conditions are achieved, although it takes time to do KPM in advance. Check the adjustment and repair, but in the long run down in productivity, production yield good and bad products greatly reduced, maintenance time and maintenance costs are reduced much, printing quality and stability, printing presses can maintain a longer and reliable production services, has a very outstanding effect.

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