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In the printing industry, which mainly produces books and periodicals, there is often a lot of collage work when the books are printed in the layout. When the PS version is printed, only a slight care will be given to the glue marks when the paper is imprinted. And the imaginary image of the edge of the film, when the dirt is removed in addition to the dirty agent, it will be found that some blue background is left around the dirty position. When the machine is printed, these blue backgrounds will be dirty. Using appropriate methods can effectively prevent and overcome them.

First, pay attention to the source version is to reduce the background of the key to the dirty so-called version of the source is the printing plate brand and quality. Because the quality of the printing plate is not good, no matter how serious the printing plate operator is, how standard operation is futile. Because there are many brands of PS editions on the market today and technicians are different, there are some brands whose quality of the PS edition is extremely unstable. The printing factory must not be greedy and cheap to buy, and often these PS editions have the most problems in operation. In order to save money, our internship factory used a plate that is not well known by a certain brand. During the course of the operation, I discussed what kind of methods we used. As soon as we remove the dirt, it will form around the dirty location. Some irregular blue background like waves. When printing on the machine, these places are dirty, so that printers are afraid to see the plates of this brand. After this lesson, we focused on selecting some printing plates with long production time and stable quality, and adopted the corresponding development potions for production. As a result, the problem of dirt on the surrounding background after getting dirty was greatly improved. Improvements.

Second, use the appropriate exposure time to control In the printing process, the length of the exposure time is an important factor in the production of good or bad printing plate. Every time we purchase a batch of new version into production, we use the Bruner signal strips for trial lighting, whether it is a plate or not. If we can make the 1% small point in the signal, 2% of the small point can be exposed, we set the exposure time as the standard exposure time. In the case of normal quality of the image, use this exposure to expose the exposure. The plate will rarely produce a background color. If the positive picture has a slight fog, the exposure time may be appropriately extended according to the actual situation. However, this method can only be used when the positive picture and graphics are sufficient.

Third, through the intensity of the developer solution concentration control If the positive and negative picture and text are relatively weak and there is a case of fog, you can use the method to change the concentration of developer control. We are now using the Huaguang version of the PS version of the developer. In the process of use, we can effectively reduce the generation of the background color after removing the dirt by changing the required 1:5 water ratio, reducing the concentration, and increasing the development time. . The specific method is to increase the ratio of the liquid to the original printing solution from 1:5 to 1:5.5 to 1:6. Exposure is performed according to the standard exposure, and the development time is increased to about 1/3 of the normal development time. If the printing plate that is dried out in this way still leaves traces of glue marks and film, it can be removed by removing the dirty agent, and the dirtiness phenomenon will rarely appear after the printing machine is put on the machine.

Fourth, Shaiban preheating time and short control In the past, we are printing operation is wait until the need to print when the open Shaiban, Shaiban preheating less than 5 minutes to start the printing immediately, good printing plate Afterwards, it was reopened when it was printed. Later, we found that whenever there are more prints and a longer boot time, the backlit printing plate has a significantly lower chance of producing background color after the dregs than before printing. Why does all plates differ depending on the same exposure time and development time? After observing, we concluded that there was a great relationship with the lack of preheating time of the printing machine. If the preheating time of the plate-making machine is too short, the color temperature of the typography lamp is not stable enough at this time, so the tumbled printing plate is likely to have a background color. After we found out about this situation, we changed the previous practice. Before each printing, we warmed up the printing machine for about 20 minutes, and under normal circumstances, we did not put the printing plate on the plate, so we greatly avoided the removal of the stain. The occurrence of dirty problems on the background.

V. Using PS version wetting powder to deal with the removal of dirty parts. We found that if the dirt is removed after the dirty parts are removed, we can use the wetted powder of the prepared version of the PS version to wipe the dirt. effective. The specific method is to rinse with clean water in addition to dirty plates, and then wet cloth or wet sponge directly wet powder in the dirty position evenly wipe it again, and then rinse with water, dry and then glue on it. However, it must be noted that it should not be rubbed into the text as much as possible. If it is wiped into the graphic, it should be washed with water as soon as possible so as not to reduce the printing rate of the printing plate.

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