Remove the corners of the corners and easily get the seven strokes

Remove the corners of the eyes.
Only in the 20s, there are eye lines, is it really old? Then don't be too nervous, it may be dry lines! But the prevention is good, today Xiaobian teaches you 7 big to remove the wrinkles around the eyes, There are no lines and no lines here!
诀窍 1: Control expression
I always like to laugh, I laugh at my sister’s paper, and my face is too rich. It’s easy to see the corners of the eyes and all kinds of fine lines. The eyes that laugh are good, but still laugh. Wonderful!
诀窍 2: Eye massage
Eye massage can speed up blood circulation, and in the next cold season, you should pay more attention to eye massage to keep blood flowing, to prevent the appearance of dark circles, bags under the eyes, and eye lines.
Massage technique: support the temple with one hand, and gently massage the other hand from the outer corner of the eye. Move to the inner corner of the eye while massaging. 2 times a day, 5 times each time is appropriate. The intensity should be appropriate, not too heavy.
诀窍 3: Do not pull the eye skin vigorously
Many sisters usually do not pay attention to the strength of the fingers when cleaning the skin care products and removing makeup. The skin of the eyes is particularly fragile, and accidentally causes injury, which causes wrinkles in the corners of the eyes. So treat the skin around your eyes and remember not to use too much force!
诀窍4: Rice balls remove eye lines
Pick the freshly cooked rice out of the softer part and knead it into a ball. When it is warm, put it in the corner of our eyes. When the white rice becomes dirty and greasy, wash it with water. This will allow The skin breathes smoothly and can improve wrinkles.
诀窍5: Tea leaves to remove eye wrinkles
We don't want to underestimate the tea. It contains more than 400 chemical ingredients. It is a good natural body-building drink. Drinking tea can not only promote our health, but also make our skin smooth. After drinking the tea, you can leave it in the refrigerator and apply it at night. It can relieve eye fatigue and dilute the fine lines of the eyes!
诀窍6: Applying eye cream
When choosing eye cream, you may wish to choose some wrinkle-reducing anti-wrinkle firming eye cream. Of course, the massage technique is still very important. Please refer to 诀窍2, so that you can get twice the result with half the effort.
诀窍7: Applying water mask
Dry eyes, especially the dry skin of the sister paper is more likely to have long false eye corners, in addition to eye cream and other skin care methods, you can also apply the eye mask, give the eyes water, you can easily play the crow's feet.

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