Is it better to use a range hood or an integrated stove?

Is the range hood or integrated stove better? The cooking fumes contain many substances that are harmful to the human body. If people work in a room full of cooking fumes for a long time, many diseases will occur. At this time, we need to consider how to remove oil fumes and maintain a clean kitchen environment. The integrated stove and cooker hood have the function of absorbing the fume, but which of these two devices is better? Today, the editor will give you an analysis of the integrated stove or the range hood?

First of all, the integrated stove is also known as an environmentally friendly stove. It is a kitchen appliance that integrates a variety of functions, such as range hoods, gas stoves, disinfection cabinets, and storage cabinets. It plays a very important role in ensuring the cleanliness of the kitchen. Of course, the integrated oil absorption rate of the integrated stove reaches 95%, the higher the net absorption rate of the fume, the better the quality, and the Martian integrated stove oil absorption rate can be higher, and even obtained the certification of the national agency, done fried 100 peppers The certification is really to the extent that it is not afraid to fry 100 peppers. In this way, the kitchen fumes can be completely cleaned. The Martian integrated stove will also integrate the simple and elegant appearance, and the stable and decent integrated stove into the kitchen cabinet, which also makes the modern urban atmosphere of the kitchen more intense, but the more functions, the more expensive the price.

However, the range of the range hood installed by the traditional concept to absorb the fume is long, and the spread of the fume is serious. During the ascent, a large part of the fume spreads into the room, causing the kitchen walls and objects to be filled with greasy dirt, and the smell of the fume is very big. Not only can it not be cleaned, but it also greatly affects the beauty of the kitchen.

It is worth mentioning that the range hood needs to be cleaned regularly. Because its effect of sucking fume is not ideal, the sanitary work in the kitchen becomes a tedious task, which is inconvenient. Range hoods are also common in the family group today. With the development of time, the range hood has also been reformed and upgraded. Compared to the integrated stove, the range hood is more convenient, because of its high efficiency of oil extraction, there is almost no residual oil smoke in the kitchen, plus a smooth appearance, and the Teflon non-stick oil used by the Martian integrated stove The oil mesh material greatly reduces the difficulty of cleaning the kitchen and reduces the financial burden on the family. The price is also affordable by most families.


Is the range hood better or the integrated stove? The range hood is not comparable to the integrated stove in terms of function combination and innovation. With the continuous improvement of people's living standards and the continuous pursuit of healthy life, the integrated stove will also become the mainstream of kitchen decoration in the future. .

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