Grab the key points of exercise and develop a perfect big breast muscle

If you want to have a perfect chest muscle, you must think more than practice. Therefore, when doing exercises for the pectoral muscles in the future, you must grasp the following ten key points, which will allow you to do more with less.


1, full activity open shoulder joint

Pectoral exercises can put a lot of pressure on the shoulder joints, so be sure to move the shoulder joints in all directions while warming up. It is enough to open the shoulder with the first set of barbells, and then let the body slowly enter the role, ready to lift the weight. Don't rush to get up the first effective weight, which will hurt your body.

2, pay attention to the upper oblique push

To develop a well-balanced chest, you must pay attention to the practice of the upper chest. In the relatively thick and powerful middle and lower parts, the upper part of the pectoralis major muscle is naturally weak. There are many practitioners whose breast muscle development is disproportionate. To correct this deviation, only the upper oblique is pushed to the top position.

3, bench press is still the main practice

Bench press can effectively increase the thickening of the chest muscles and other parts of the upper body. Some people have a special liking for various tricks and "advanced" equipment. The party has to be too basic or outdated. The result is that the development of the chest muscles lags behind other parts. In fact, bench press is still the most effective chest muscle exercise, and it must be included in the plan.

4, bench press does not do "bridge"

When you push the bench, the hips will push the flat to the lower oblique push, because only the lower part of the chest muscles will be stimulated, and the upper part will not be trained. Although the weight is raised, the effect is not good. Therefore, it is best to raise your knees and put your back on the bench so that all the chest muscles are involved in the work. You may not be used to it at first, but you will see the effect soon.


5, do not do the oblique push

The main function of the lower oblique push is to satisfy your sense of accomplishment. Because of the posture and angle of the lower oblique push, the action path is short, and you are lifting it. Too many down-sloping exercises will disproportionately develop the lower part of the chest muscles that are already stronger, forming an unsightly "slope."

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