Fitness can also be used to make fat burn up

Busy work is not an excuse for you to escape from sports. Don't forget to do sports even if you are busy. If you really don't have time, it is also a good way to do fitness exercise while watching TV. You can enjoy leisure time. Can also achieve the purpose of fitness. Let's take a look at the TV fitness method and let the fat burn up!

It is also a good way to do fitness exercises while watching TV. You can enjoy the leisure time and achieve the purpose of fitness.



The first method: When sitting on the sofa, you can let your legs slowly close together and put your hands behind your head. At this time, the upper body should lean forward slightly and stick slowly on the legs. On, but pay attention to the upper body should always be straight, keep this position for 20 seconds and then slowly return to the original state, this group of actions is best done about 6 times. If you stick to it for a long time, you can exercise your waist and create a more perfect body.



The second method: If you like to lie on the sofa and watch TV, you can also do fitness exercises. First let the body lie on the sofa, then hold your head with both hands, let your legs grip a cushion, then slowly lift your legs up, so do 5~10 times back and forth. This group of exercises can exercise on your abdomen, buttocks, and legs to let the fat burn.



The third method: first let your legs straight forward, hands crossed backwards, then press the front chest as far as possible on the legs, in the process should pay attention not to bow back, or you will not reach you That effect. This group of exercises can make your upper limbs and chest muscles firmer.


The fourth method: first sit on the sofa in front, straighten the legs and close them together, then slowly lift your legs up, keep the upper body still when it is 45° with the sofa surface, put The legs are crossed.

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