Summer refreshing makeup look back rate

Summer refreshing makeup look back rate
Every beautiful female friend in the summer wants to have a refreshing look. So how do you know how to create a supple and refreshing look in the summer?
On the summer of the Jingjing campus, the girl’s feelings are like poetry, and the beautiful and pure and romantic. Clear eyes, pink cheeks, sallow lips and a faint smile... Like a breezy breeze, it looks like a hibiscus, and it comes out of the air.
Makeup steps:
Step 1: Light and delicate 360° flawless nude makeup
A clear, flawless and flawless powder is the foundation for a refreshing look, so you need to choose a foundation that has both concealing, breathability and naturalness.
1 minute simple makeup
After using the emulsion base, squeeze the right amount of liquid foundation into the palm of your hand, rub both hands, and then gently spread it on your face like an emulsion. Easy to learn, especially suitable for girls who are learning makeup.
5 minutes professional fine makeup effect
Place an appropriate amount of liquid foundation on the eyebrows, nose, cheeks and chin. Use your fingertips to move from the eyebrow to the forehead, the nose to the outside of the cheeks, and push away along the skin texture. Locations such as the nose and eye bags that are easily visible, can be repeatedly tapped with the ring finger for a long-lasting uniform concealer. Finally, press the palm of your hand repeatedly on the face, and use the hand temperature to make the foundation more docile.
Step 2: Satisfy the free expression of each small eyelash
1. When brushing mascara, it should be swept from the root of the eyelash to the tail with a zigzag pattern.
2. Before and after brushing mascara, use the eyelash curler to clip the eyelashes to create a long-lasting curl effect.
Step 3: Sketch 3D outlines
Green and purple are popular on the runway in spring and summer, which is very suitable for young and energetic campus girls.
1, first with the silky eye shadow accent color (intermediate color) painted the entire eyelid;
2, then with the convergence color (the darkest color) along the eye socket and eyeliner position gently smudge, so that the color naturally blends;
3. Sweep the bright color (the lightest color) in the raised position such as the brow bone, nose bridge and inner corner of the eye to create a high-gloss effect and highlight the three-dimensionality of the eye contour.
Step 4: Flashing Natural Lip Gloss
The sleek and non-sticky lip gloss is the perfect choice for summer makeup.
Apply directly to the bright and colorful lip gloss, or apply it on the condensed silk lip balm, and repeat the application in the middle position to make the lips more three-dimensional and rich.
Step 5: Make-up and control oil lasting refreshing
Neutral and oily skin needs a powder in the summer to make up makeup anytime, anywhere.
When using, take a proper amount of foundation with a sponge and press it on the T-zone where the oil is more.
what are you waiting for? Hurry up and let yourself be the most beautiful scenery on the street, let passers-by look back for your fresh look!

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