What factors will affect the accuracy of the salt spray test machine?

The salt spray test is one of the items specified in the quality assessment of many products. To ensure the accuracy of the salt spray test machine, the operators have taken some effective preventive measures against the external factors affecting the salt spray test. The specific contents are as follows:

1. Removal of impurities in sodium chloride solution. The impurities of the spray solution are mainly derived from: 1. The content of salt impurities 2. The impurity content of water 3. The cleanliness of the solution container. The content of salt impurities has the greatest influence on the corrosion process. In order to control the impurity content, the salt spray test salt is applied with industrial salt sodium chloride, and the water for the solution solution cannot be made of tap water, preferably pure water or deionized water.

Second, the product placement position should be the same as the actual use. The location where the product is placed will have a certain effect on the corrosion of some of the surfaces. In order to correctly determine the corrosion resistance of the product, the product should be placed as far as possible in the normal installation position of the product. In addition, the products should be separated from each other by a certain distance and cannot be touched.

Third, we should try to ensure the pressure balance inside and outside the salt spray test machine. The pressure in the salt spray test machine is too high, which will affect the salt spray sedimentation characteristics, and the results obtained by the test will be quite different from the actual conditions. In order to eliminate this problem, a balanced pressure port is installed in the salt spray test machine to keep the air pressure inside and outside the box as equal as possible.


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