Precautions for making and installing concrete formwork for track and field venues

The location and elevation of the concrete structures on the track and field venues are directly related to the production and installation of the formwork. The templates are made well and the structures can guarantee quality.


The use of the template: first of all to make a template design, including the template position, shape, elevation, template technology dismantling program, embedded parts, the location of the reserved hole. For materials, the use of steel formwork or steel-wood bonded formwork should be used as far as possible. All formworks should be coated with mold release agents, exposed concrete works such as 3000m run obstacle pools, and release agents should use one type as far as possible. It is forbidden to use oil materials such as waste oil as a mold release agent, and it must not contaminate steel bars when brushing.

When the formwork is made, it is best to use standard steel formwork, and all kinds of bolted joints should comply with the relevant national standards.

When the wooden formwork is processed, the contact surface with cement concrete shall be smooth and smooth, and joints shall be smooth. When using flat joints, measures shall be taken to prevent joints from leaking at the joints. bevel.

The installation of the formwork and the steel bar needs to be carried out. Generally, after the bottom layer concrete is completed, the side formwork is firstly supported, and then the reinforcing bar is bundled. After the reinforcing bar is completed, the other formwork is again supported. During the installation process of the formwork, an overturn prevention must be provided. Support, to prevent the collapse, after the installation of the template, the plane, top height, joints, vertical and horizontal stability, etc. should be checked, and confirmed by the cement concrete.

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