Fitness to eat eggs, to comply with the three non-principles!

1. After eating eggs, don't eat sugar

Sugared poached eggs are a favorite food for many people. The sweetness of the eggs and the sweet taste are really good for food, but you can't eat sugar immediately after eating the eggs, but you can't eat them at the same time, because the sugar can make the amino acids in the egg protein. The formation of a combination of fructose amino-lysine, which is not easily absorbed by the body, it will also be detrimental to health, so eaters, remember to not mix sugar and eggs.

2. After eating eggs, do not eat persimmons

The unique taste of persimmon is loved by many people. Persimmon also contains many nutrients needed by the human body, but persimmon is a cold food. It is not recommended for spleen and stomach deficiency, but persimmon contains a lot of tannic acid, while eggs are rich in protein. When the protein meets tannic acid, it will coagulate and precipitate, which will greatly affect the digestive function of the stomach. In severe cases, symptoms such as vomiting, abdominal distension, abdominal pain and diarrhea will occur. Therefore, after eating eggs, it is best not to eat persimmons immediately. There is a gap in the middle. Time to avoid the danger of poisoning.

3. After eating eggs, don't eat rabbit meat.

With the evolution of culinary cooking and methods, many game tastes become the favorite on the table, such as rabbit meat, because of its special taste, it is loved by many people. After eating eggs, it can not be eaten immediately because of the meat taste of rabbits. Cold and sour, while the eggs are slightly cold, both contain some biologically active substances. When they are eaten together, they will react and stimulate the gastrointestinal tract. In severe cases, they may cause diarrhea. Li Shizhen said in the "Compendium of Materia Medica": "Eggs and rabbit meat It is venting." So the two cannot be eaten at the same time.


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