The most effective seven blackhead methods

The most effective seven blackhead methods

87% of Asian women are facing the threat of blackheads! Especially in the current sweltering climate, blackheads are even more embarrassing! How to get rid of this annoying blackhead has become the beauty hotspot of most MM! Below, it is recommended 7 ways to go to the blackhead, hurry and see which method is right for you!

Dissolving blackheads is a method used by many beauty editors, not only with obvious effects, but also without damage to the skin. First use a hot towel to apply the face to open the pores, then pour the liquid onto the cotton pad. After the T-zone is used for 3 to 5 minutes, the cotton will be stained with a lot of black and black stains. . Immediately apply a blackhead to absorb the entire nose. After 15 minutes, remove the mask. After cleansing, take astringent water to prevent large pores.

Use the nose stick to remove the blackhead and dissolve it to the blackhead. It is like using a towel to heat the cleaned face. When the skin is not dry, stick the sticky nasal paste. Note that the nasal paste should not be too wet. When it is completely dry, the nose sticks hard and the nose sticks up from the bottom up. After use, you must not forget to shrink the pores! If it is not an emergency, it is not recommended.

The effect of green mud on blackheads is not directly removed like a nasal paste, but more is prevention. With 1-2 times of green mud in a week, the pores can be kept clean and no longer accumulate dirt, so the speed of blackhead formation can be slowed down, and it is also effective for removing mild small blackheads.

Applying pearl powder to the face can not only go to the blackhead but also exfoliate. Put the pearl powder into a paste, then apply it evenly on the face, and massage it with the facial massage. When the pearl powder on the face is dry, wash the face with water. This method is enough to use twice a week! Editors recommend the selection of high quality oral pearl powder!

Use a deep cleansing mask to remove the blackheads from the surface, then clean them with a sponge or gently scrape them off with a acne stick, and then thoroughly clean them with a cleanser. This method can not remove large blackheads, and it must be adhered to for a period of time to be effective, but very gentle, no stimulation to the pores, it is recommended that the blackhead is not serious MM choose this method.

Use 4~5 drops of milk to salt, start to gently massage after the salt is half dissolved; after 30s, wash off with water, not too long, otherwise it will cause great damage to the skin. Need to be reminded: in order to let the skin re-secure clean oil protection, so do not wipe anything after washing your face!

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