Watch out for floor killers to extend floor life

The use of wood floors in home furnishings is increasing. People will find that after installing the floor, the wooden floor is very delicate. Sometimes one carelessness will cause damage to the floor. After a long time, we will find that the floor surface has been damaged. There are countless numbers, so the floor needs people's care and care. In fact, as long as we pay more attention to details and eliminate the potential killer of the floor life in time, the floor can prolong the service life. Follow the small series together to understand what the "healthy killer" of the wooden floor is! Know what its "health killer" is, then we can pay more attention to the daily use, reasonable maintenance floor.


1, rain

Wooden flooring is essentially water-repellent. Such as rain, the floor surface will produce discoloration, cracking and other phenomena. Pay attention to prevent rain.

2, air conditioning, humidifier

Prolonged use of air conditioners and indoor air will become extremely dry and the floor will tend to expand and contract, resulting in floor gaps and sounds.

3, water

Floor surface water, if not treated in time, will lead to discoloration of the floor, resulting in water stains and cracking. It should be wiped dry in time.

4, white cloud

After the water droplets leak to the floor, the floor surface will turn white. This is due to the poor durability of the floor wax, the peeling of the floor wax from the floor surface, and the diffuse reflection phenomenon.

5, oil pollution

After the floor is dirty, if it is not processed in time, it will produce oil and discoloration. Use cleaners, water, etc. to wipe carefully and then wax.

6, fan heater

If a part of the floor is blown to the hot air for a long time, the surface coating will crack, and the floor will shrink to create a gap. The floor should be covered with mats for protection.

7. Pets

Pet excrement can cause alkaline corrosion of the wood, resulting in discoloration of the floor and stains.

8, Pharmacy

If floors are covered with chemicals, they should be wiped with detergent/informed water. After wiping, the surface gloss of the floor will be reduced, and waxing and maintenance should be done in time.

9, chairs

In order to minimize pits and scratches and maintain the appearance of the floor for a long time, it is recommended that the chair be covered with a footing pad or under the chair.

10, floor wax

Use a suitable floor wax. Before waxing, start the full waxing in the corner of the room or in other unobtrusive places, try the floor in a small area, and confirm that there is no problem.

11, detergent

Never use alkaline cleaners. The ingredients in the wood react chemically with alkaline substances, causing the floor to change or stains. Wipe with a wrung rag after using the cleaner.

12, condensation

Some of the home building materials used in the home will have dew condensation. After condensation, the water will immerse into the interface and groove of the floor and cause discoloration and stains. It is recommended to use a dew prevention type toilet.

13, heavy objects

In the piano, refrigerator and other heavy objects to be placed under the pad for protection, to prevent the local bearing weight is too large, resulting in floor depression and scratches.

14, electric blanket

After the blanket has excessive heat conduction to the floor, it will cause cracking on the floor surface. Pads should be placed between the blanket and the floor for protection. It is recommended to use the floor heating floor of Toyo Taikos.

15, daylight

When exposed to direct sunlight, UV rays can crack the floor surface. Use curtains or blinds to block out direct sunlight.

16, ventilation

Houses that have just been renovated will emit formaldehyde from the decoration materials and furniture, which will irritate the eyes or produce odors. Attention should be paid to ventilation and ventilation. Attention should be paid to water droplets after condensation not falling on the floor.

Understand the 16 “healthy killers” of wooden floor. Then we can do reasonable maintenance on the floor during the use of the floor, use floor wax and other maintenance tools correctly, and prolong the service life of the floor.

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