Evaluation: Energy-efficient water heater GQ-1150FE enjoys a constant temperature

Does the water heater really achieve the effect of constant temperature during use? Can safety standards be met during use? Next, the editor will bring you the principle and safety effect of real-time and clear constant temperature of the water heater, so that you can truly experience the hearty enjoyment of the constant temperature!

Evaluation location Customer's home bathroom evaluation brand energy efficiency evaluation product GQ-1150FE product specifications 564 * 350 * 130MM evaluation project product appearance, details

1. The first impression of the product

The energy rate GQ-1150FE gas water heater has an integrated classic white shell. The shell is beautiful and smooth. The energy rate logo in the upper left corner is simple and elegant. The energy efficiency sign shows that the energy consumption is level 2 and the energy consumption is relatively low. The water pressure used is 80-500KPA, while the minimum water pressure can be as low as 9.8KPA.

2. Product details

1. Water heater control panel

The operation panel of the 1640W gas water heater is simple and compact, with clear and clear functions. It can intuitively display the water temperature setting and the operation is simple and easy to understand. The panel is also waterproofed, so there is no need to worry about leakage or short circuit when using it in the bathroom.

In addition, the water injection volume of the bathtub can be set as a reminder. When the water is added to the set value, the buzzer will beep to remind you, so you don't have to wait in the big bathtub to wait for the water to be full before you dare to walk away.

2. Inlet, outlet and gas ports at the bottom of the water heater

The interface of the GQ-1150FE gas water heater base is clearly and clearly defined, and the gas, cold and hot water interfaces, power cords, etc. are for everyone.

3. Smoke exhaust pipe on the top of the water heater

4. Energy efficiency label of water heater

The energy efficiency sign of the energy efficiency GQ-1150F water heater shows that the energy consumption is level 2 and the energy consumption is relatively low.

5. The back and side of the water heater

6. Disassembly of the water heater

Let's take a look at the internal structure of this GQ-1150FE gas water heater. It is through these intelligent and high-tech internal settings that this water heater has a good performance in terms of safety and water use. This product is equipped with a phosphorus deoxidized copper heat exchanger, which is more durable than all-copper materials.

3. Product performance evaluation

1. Dimensional measurement

The length, width and height of the water heater were measured with tape measure respectively 564mm, 350mm and 130mm, which was consistent with the data marked on the nameplate of the water heater.

2. Water temperature test

Previous water heaters often have unstable water temperature. When the water temperature is too high, it is easy to burn, and the water temperature is too slow to heat. How does this gas water heater perform in these aspects? Try it with the editor.

Adjust the water temperature to 40 degrees. After 5 seconds, the water flowing from the faucet is already hot. Use a container to receive about 20L of hot water. Use a temperature meter to measure the real-time water temperature. It is surprising that the temperature display is accurate and the temperature difference does not exceed 1 ℃ . The precise temperature control technology with superb efficiency is really amazing!

4. Evaluation summary

The energy rate GQ-1150FE is suitable for families with one kitchen and one bathroom. Choosing the energy rate means choosing the super enjoyment of constant temperature. Its beautiful and elegant panel design, whether you are in a cabinet or not, can reflect your quality of life. The rigorous test bells of the products in all aspects of size, anatomy of parts and accessories, temperature measurement, rainstorm experiment, power outage simulation, etc. have quite good performance. As the first-line brand in the water heater, energy rate is your choice not to be missed.

[Little knowledge] water heater maintenance

Water heater is a necessity of our daily life, in order to make it faster, better and more durable for us to provide hot water, daily maintenance work is essential, the following introduces some common knowledge of gas water heater maintenance:

1. When maintaining the machine, first turn off the water supply switch and gas switch, and then unplug the power plug, wait for the water heater to cool before operating, to ensure safety

2. If there are stains on the surface of the gas water heater, please wipe it with a cloth or sponge dipped in a neutral detergent. Do not use hard materials such as sandpaper for cleaning.

3. Regularly check the gas pipe for leaks: apply it to each connection of the gas pipeline with a brush and soapy water. If bubbles are found, it is a leaking area. Stop using it immediately and replace the gas pipe in time.

4. Gas water heaters with an air temperature below 0 ° C (including 0 ° C) must close the inlet valve and drain the water to prevent freezing of the water heater.

5. When not in use for a long time, please cut off the power, turn off the water and air sources, and drain the accumulated water in the body to ensure the normal use in the future.

Five, product installation examples

The installation of the energy rate water heater is completely free. Consumers can reserve the time for on-site installation after purchasing the energy rate product, but the auxiliary materials required for installation are prepared by the user. The picture above is a real photo of installing this model water heater in a netizen's home. Look at our workers, how serious and professional!

6. Other products in the store

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