Old plastic bottles "play waste heat" undesirable

In some families and roadside food stalls, you can often see repeated use of plastic bottles for water, sauces, soy sauce, cooking oil, and vinegar. Especially for many elderly people, it is a pity that plastic bottles have been thrown away and used again. In fact, this seemingly thrifty lifestyle hides hidden health problems.

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Plastic products have two major characteristics: one is afraid of oil, and the second is high temperature. Because oil can dissolve plastics, some substances in plastics can enter the oil and cause health hazards. It is also unhealthy for vinegar and other condiments to be kept in plastic products because acidic liquids can easily dissolve harmful substances in plastics. It is even more wrong to use plastic beverage bottles for hot water. High temperatures can cause the harmful substances in plastic bottles to dissolve into the water. Food-grade plastic beverage bottles cannot withstand high temperatures and need to be used at low temperatures. Repeated use by the public generally does not go through necessary sanitary procedures. Bacteria are likely to be produced in the bottle and cause human ingestion. Therefore, it is not advisable to reuse plastic beverage bottles.

In fact, if you want to know the plastic bottle on your hand is a material, you can see the bottom number. The triangle at the bottom of the plastic bottle is made up of three arrows, meaning "recyclable and recyclable". It is not a mark that can be reused. The numbers 1 to 7 in the triangle represent different plastic materials.

No. 1 PET (polyethylene terephthalate): mineral water bottles, carbonated beverage bottles. Heat-resistant to 70 °C, only suitable for warm drinks or frozen drinks, high temperature liquid or heating is easy to deformation, there are substances that are harmful to the human body.

No. 2 HDPE (high-density polyethylene): cleaning products, bath products. Can be reused after careful cleaning, but these containers usually have small mouths and are not well cleaned.

No. 3 PVC (polyvinyl chloride): Currently it is rarely used for food packaging. It is easy to produce harmful substances at high temperatures.

No. 4 LDPE (low density polyethylene): cling film, plastic film and so on. The heat resistance is not strong, usually the qualified PE wrap film will appear hot melt when the temperature exceeds 110°C. Therefore, when the food is in the microwave, it is necessary to remove the plastic wrap.

No. 5 PP (Polypropylene): The only plastic box that can be placed in a microwave oven.

No. 6 PS (polystyrene): bowl of instant noodle boxes, snack boxes. It is also heat-resistant and cold-resistant, but it cannot be put into a microwave oven. And can not be used to install strong acids, strong alkaline substances, so try to avoid using fast food boxes packed hot food.

PC No. 7 (other types): Kettle, cup, bottle. A material that is used in large quantities, especially for baby bottles, is controversial because it contains bisphenol A. Do not heat during use. Do not shine in direct sunlight.

Industry insiders reminded the public that the biggest factor affecting the safety of plastic products is high temperature. Therefore, in normal use, hot water and hot food should be kept as little as possible. It is not a microwave-dedicated plastic product. Do not use microwave heating. Do not store plastic products in the refrigerator for a long time, especially in the freezer. Too low temperatures can cause plastic degradation. When thawing, it is best to remove the plastic bag or take it out of the crisper.

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