New technology leads the security trend, three-dimensional vibration monitor fights ATM crime

Source: Yuantuo Technology Yuantuo ATM Monitoring Products Department: Shi Xinhua

Yuantuo, a leading provider of professional security products and solutions in China, has recently developed a high-performance, low-energy, new detection technology YT-SHK vibration monitor, specifically designed for environmental monitoring in unattended areas To meet the increasingly demanding market demand.

The application of sensors in the financial security, process, transportation and precision instrument markets has been continuously developed. Compared with sensors designed for consumer entertainment, these markets have higher requirements for sensor performance, energy consumption, and operation. The YT-SHK vibration monitor is a second-generation product developed based on Yuantuo ’s first-generation industry-leading vibration sensor. It uses the omnidirectional three-dimensional vibration monitoring principle to accurately identify strong attacks in noisy environments. At present, most sensors on the market are only one-way detection, can not achieve such accurate alarm performance, so YT-SHK vibration monitor has received widespread attention from all walks of life, has been mass production.

Vibration monitor has leapfrog meaning

This vibration monitor has the characteristics of high energy and low consumption, and can be widely used in many fields, such as ATMs, treasuries, bullet magazines, prisons, high-end residences, express company transportation vehicles, industrial production lines, precision instruments, and any real-time monitoring system. Stable platform. "Even before the first generation of vibration sensors came out, Yuantuo has begun to develop the second generation of products, because we know that the supply of products is far behind the market demand, and we always need to advance one step. The vibration monitor uses MEMS sensors and The microcontrollers are effectively combined to form an intelligent signal processing system. "Zhang Jinguang, director of Yuantuo Destructive Vibration Laboratory, said," YT-SHK vibration monitor can be used as a separate mechanical protection device. The upgraded product of the first generation product adopts an innovative three-dimensional omnidirectional monitoring technology, which is completely free of dead ends and enables the monitoring objects to be protected in a wider range and tighter. "

Excellent performance of the new vibration monitor

Vibration monitors are MEMS sensors and intelligent signal processing systems based on microcontrollers. The sensors inside the vibration monitor can convert the vibration changes into electrical signals, and the digital processing function analyzes and compares the signals to determine whether the equipment has reached a dangerous displacement level. After real-time comparison and analysis of the vibration signal collected in the three-dimensional direction and the set vibration amplitude, once it exceeds the set limit range value, the alarm device is triggered by the relay. The vibration monitor collects every millisecond, fundamentally minimizing the error.

The stone engineer of Yuantuo Product Department believes that it is not easy to achieve a perfect unity of cost-effectiveness of sensors. "People usually use a single spring chip sensor for monitoring work. The results of the use prove that this method cannot achieve the desired results. Often Missed reports. Compared with other sensors, the YT-SHK vibration monitor truly achieves omnidirectional detection, which can detect all known strong attacks, and advanced signal processing technology can distinguish external noise from real attacks. Attacks of all sizes can be alerted. "It is understood that the market is generally flooded with a vibration sensor made of a plastic casing. The plastic medium has a great attenuation of the vibration signal and the induction effect is not as good as that of the metal casing. When the vibration is attenuated below the predetermined value, it is easy to miss the report.

Advantages of vibration monitors

The three-dimensional direction signal is collected every millisecond, and real-time monitoring is truly achieved.

The appearance is simple and compact, easy to install and use.

The omnidirectional three-dimensional three-dimensional detection does not miss the vibration of the clues.

Can work in the temperature range of -20 degrees Celsius to +70 degrees Celsius, suitable for harsh application environments.

It has a wide range of applications and can be used in multiple fields such as banks, vaults, prisons, logistics, high-end housing, and process maintenance.

Can be used as a separate mechanical protection device, effectively reducing costs.

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