Features of matte, pearlescent, and flat synthetic paper

A. The matte label surface has a matt effect, and the matte texture has a non-slip effect, which effectively prevents the bottle from falling off

Flat labels are made of ordinary paper;
The surface of the pearlescent label is natural pearlescent color, with strong anti-counterfeiting function.

B. Use general-purpose offset printing, gravure printing, flexo printing, etc. for surface printing. After printing, you only need to apply varnish to achieve a certain degree of firmness, eliminating the need for traditional polymer substrates after the printing process, reducing Label production costs.

C. The advantage is that the surface performance is superior, which is more suitable for offset printing, the variety is complete, the variety is diverse, the local manufacturing, the cost performance is high.

D. The disadvantage is that the stiffness is poor, and it is subject to certain restrictions in the application of high-end products.

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BBQ Set With Aluminum Case

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