On the gravure plate making method

1. Engraving plate making method

1. Hand-carved gravure

The hand-carved gravure is carved on the copper plate with various carving knives, you can directly engrave the concave lines, or you can first apply a layer of resist film on the copper plate and scratch the resist film to expose the surface of the copper plate. Perform chemical corrosion.

2. Mechanical engraving gravure

Mechanical engraving gravure is to engrave directly using mechanical engraving machine, relief engraving machine, parallel line engraving machine and zoom engraving machine, etc., or to etch the resist layer on the copper surface and then etch it to make intaglio.

The hand-carved or mechanically engraved intaglio lines are delicate and the patterns are exquisite. They are mainly used to print banknotes and bonds with anti-counterfeiting value.

3. Electronic engraving

(1) Electronic engraving with film

â‘  Production of film.
â‘¡ Roller installation.
â‘¢ Paste the film.
â‘£ Programming.
⑤ Try engraving.
â‘¥ Scan calibration.
⑦ Carving.

(2) Electronic engraving without film

The working principle of filmless electronic engraving is: scan the original into the computer, use the computer to complete the revision, typesetting, imposition, etc. After soft proofing or color digital proofing, the color separation image file of the electric engraving machine is finally generated, and then sent directly Carve to the engraving system controlled by the electric engraving machine.

â‘  Front-end input.
â‘¡ Printing plate assembly workstation.
â‘¢ Proofing.

Compared with traditional gravure plate making process

A. Improve product quality. No color separation film is needed, which reduces the loss of information and improves the quality of engraving.
B. Improve plate making efficiency. Eliminating manual work such as phototypesetting, cut and paste, reprinting, and developing, the plate-making cycle is greatly shortened.
C. Reduce costs and expenses. Film, development, processing, photography and other materials are no longer needed. D. Reduced equipment investment.
E. Improve the design and production capabilities.

4. Laser engraving

Intaglio laser engraving uses one or more high-energy laser beams to ablate the holes on the material to be engraved on the surface of the drum.

Intaglio laser engraving method:

(1) Directly engrave the metal surface of the drum with a high-energy laser to form a net hole. (2) First apply a coating layer on the copper drum, and ablate the mesh area with the laser to expose the copper layer at the net hole, not the net hole The area is protected by the coating layer, and the recessed mesh can be obtained after corrosion. (3) The surface of the roller is corroded into the required grid shape. The surface is sprayed with epoxy resin, and then the surface of the roller is treated and then laser engraved

5. Electron beam engraving

Using a device composed of an electron beam gun, an electron beam generator and an electron beam optical system, the high-energy electron beam directly shot by the electron beam gun is punched into a mesh hole on the copper layer on the surface of the roller.

Characteristics of electron beam carving:

â‘  Compared with electronic engraving, the production efficiency is 1 to 2 times higher,
â‘¡ The electron beam can engrave any number of lines and the angle of the network line;
â‘¢ The mesh shape produced by electron beam engraving is hemispherical, which is conducive to the transfer of ink under high-speed printing.

2. Corrosion gravure plate-making method

Gravure plate making method

It is also called photocopying plate. It exposes the image of the negative film on the sensitized carbon paper. It passes through the surface of the plate cylinder and is developed and corroded to make an intaglio plate. Versioning; (4) Development; (5) Coating with anti-corrosion agent; (6) Corrosion; (7) Chrome plating.

The technology is mature, the prints are rich in layers, and the artistic effect is good. However, the process is complicated, the quality is not easy to control, the production cycle is long, the production speed is slow, the corrosion results of the printing plate are difficult to grasp and predict, and the scope of use is gradually narrowing due to the application of electronic engraving gravure.

2. Roller imaging gravure production method

In the production method of cylinder imaging gravure, the photosensitive resist is directly coated on the degreased copper cylinder. After drying, the plate is printed, developed, and filled, and then corroded with a ferric chloride etching solution. The surface of the cylinder forms a gravure mesh.

(1) Roller surface treatment (2) Photosensitive adhesive coating
(3) Exposure
(4) Development and cleaning
(5) Apply corrosion inhibitor
(6) Corrosion

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