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The products launched by HIGHROCK Skystone on outdoor sleeping bags series equipment can always surprise everyone. And HIGHROCK is always at the cutting edge of the industry in the research and development of outdoor sleeping bags, presenting the latest features and bringing the most comfortable experience. Recommended for everyone here is one of the products of the HIGHROCK down sleeping bag series - professional snow-capped goose down sleeping bag. This sleeping bag is a single sleeping bag, using the top goose down material for the internal filler, so the total weight of the sleeping bag is only 1.65kg, because the goose down material can achieve a good thermal effect, so this sleeping bag is very suitable for some professional The use of mountaineering, polar expeditions, and scientific expeditions for outdoor sports will make the prices of such strong professional sleeping bags more expensive. The current market price is RMB 3,399.

HIGHROCK professional goose down sleeping bag display

HIGHROCK professional goose down sleeping bag display

In order to ensure good warmth in cold weather and light weight in outdoor sports, HIGHROCK professional sleeping bag adopts 750 high loft imported goose down as filling. The high-loft goose down is not only the best in warming effect, but also provides the most lightweight equipment for outdoor sportsmen. The excellent warmth can guarantee the sleeping temperature even in the colder climate conditions. Comfort. The surface fabric of the sleeping bag is selected from tear-proof, wind-proof, waterproof and breathable fabrics. The use of such fabrics not only can play a good role in keeping warm, but also enhance the toughness of the sleeping bag itself, prolong its service life, It is more suitable for outdoor demand under harsh conditions. The safe, comfortable and lightweight design of the fabric also precisely meets the needs of outdoor enthusiasts for lightweighting.

HIGHROCK professional goose down sleeping bag back

Three Designs on HIGHROCK Outdoor Professional Sleeping Bags

Inner elastic design - The inner elastic design adopted on the sleeping bag enhances the internal thermal performance while ensuring the perfect streamlined appearance of the sleeping bag. This design allows you to easily adjust the inside of the sleeping bag at any time and anywhere to increase the tightness of the sleeping bag, increase the fit with the body during sleep, and ensure the comfortable temperature of the body, so as to create a comfortable and warm nest for you in cold conditions.

Full-neck collar design - The full-neck collar design has a stronger, better warming effect than previous sleeping bags, reducing the gap between the body and the sleeping bag, so it does not allow the external cold air to enter the sleeping bag and give You bring cold chill. Even if the wind is strong outside, it can still maintain a good sleeping environment inside the sleeping bag.

The design of the velvet velvet channel - the velvet velvet channel used in the upper part of the sleeping bag is designed to better fix the fluidity and lighter weight of the goose down, so as to ensure that the sleeping bag will not be deformed due to the body's back and forth during sleeping. , Or because of the uneven distribution of the capacity caused by any leakage point. This design ensures the uniformity of the inner velvet distribution, thus providing you with a better, warmer sleeping environment for resting outdoors.

In addition to the above design, the HIGHROCK professional goose down sleeping bag is also equipped with a professional storage mesh bag to care and maintain the sleeping bag, thus avoiding some unnecessary damage in the outdoors and increasing the service life of the sleeping bag.

HIGHROCK professional goose down sleeping bag details show

HIGHROCK professional goose down sleeping bag details

People who love polar outdoor adventure sports or snow-capped mountain climbing outdoor sports, with the high quality reputation of HIGHROCK, may wish to experience the excellent performance of this sleeping bag. Although this sleeping bag is somewhat expensive in terms of price, the effect of its selection of high-quality materials will surely not disappoint you. One price and one quality!

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