Locking floor: the historical heritage of 榫 structure

For thousands of years, China’s wood culture and the Western stone culture have stood up to each other. The wooden frame structure created by the Chinese is unique and unique. Lu Ban, a woodworking ancestor, has invented countless lifetimes and is known for his wood-making craftsmanship. He first invented tools that were smashed on wood, such as swallowtail knives, duck-billed chisels, etc., and tried to connect wood with enamel for wood. The extensive application has laid a profound technical foundation and is worthy of the reputation of the Chinese wood master.

In the ancient 榫 structure, this kind of craft is reflected in the ancient buildings. For example, the Yueyang Tower stands for a thousand years, the wind and rain are not invading, and the sun is immortal. This is the mystery of the wood structure crafts in Chinese ancient buildings. Chinese ancient buildings are usually pure wood structures, all of which are made of beams, columns, rafts and rafts. Not only Yueyang Tower, but also the Tengwang Pavilion and the Royal Palace have the same effect. The advantage of the 榫 structure is that it uses the self-expanding force of the wood to guide it, so that the force is dispersed, and it is connected to each other through the hoe, and it is integrated as a whole and stable as a rock.

Tiange floor is the inspiration for the Chinese building technology. The artificial groove is made around the floor, biting each other, supporting each other and holding each other so that each floor is no longer independent, but forming a tight bite. The whole, at the same time, the overall movement, to resolve the stress in all directions caused by the wet and dry shrinkage of the solid wood floor, and the free retractable space of the floor, (this is the effect that can not be achieved by any external accessories) to ensure that the floor is deep and stable, as stable!

Why is all the laminate flooring now limited by the locking process: it is simple and seamless to be environmentally friendly. The tension of the lock depends mainly on the connection between the tongue and the tongue, and the lock floor is easy to lay. The seams are tighter and the overall paving effect is good.

Wood is a natural resource, and everyone knows that with the improvement of living standards, there is no doubt that wood is healthy and environmentally friendly in decorative materials. In today's natural resources are becoming less and less, and wood has become one of the collectible values. The Tiange lock buckle floor is easy to disassemble and can be taken away at any time. The structure of the shackle makes it stable as ever. It can be said that it will last a lifetime and enjoy a lifetime.

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