Plastic steel doors and windows should have gloss and toughness when inspected

Profile quality of a plastic steel door and window

The appearance of the profile should be observed. The color should be blue-white instead of the white color that people usually think. Pay attention to whether the color of the frame and fan profile that make up the door and window are the same, whether the appearance is uniform, and whether the cavity distribution is reasonable. In the formulation of plastic steel door and window profiles, calcium carbonate is usually added as a filling material, and some manufacturers reduce the cost. If the amount is too much, it becomes a calcified plastic. The surface of the door and window made of such plastic lacks luster and is slightly rough. Hard and brittle, it looks like a rough texture like a stone, normal plastic steel doors and windows, the surface is usually shiny, very tough.

Second, the gap between the doors and windows and the seal

Look at whether the matching gap between various profiles is tight, whether the incision is flush, the height difference of the profile overlap, and so on. Generally, for plastic steel doors, the main part to consider is the door frame, the gap between the fans, the door panel bead and the edge of the door panel, the various profile joints of the blinds, the sealing strip, etc. If the door panel is assembled, it is also necessary to consider the door panel. The gap is the transparency of the two doors of the swing door after closing.

Similarly, for plastic steel windows, in addition to the assembly clearance of various profiles to be assembled, it is also important whether the sealing strip is uniform and firm. The interface gap should be no more than 1 mm, which reflects the sealing performance of the window. Plastic steel doors are often used as interior doors for buildings, and the sealing requirements are not as high. Various gap values ​​are specified in national standards, but for customers, the smaller the gap value of the joints of various profiles, the tighter the fit, the more exquisite the assembly process, which reflects the assembly level and the accuracy of the assembly tool.

Third, the welding of plastic steel doors and windows

It depends on whether the welding place is flush, whether there is crack, whether the inner and outer corner seams are clean and beautiful. The diagonal dimension of the plastic steel doors and windows is measured by the box ruler, and the diagonal dimension difference should be no more than 3mm, diagonal difference The smaller the display process, the finer the process and the ease of installation.

Fourth, the hardware of plastic steel doors and windows

The quality of hardware has a certain impact on the life of doors and windows. The hardware used should look thick, and the surface gloss should be good. The protective layer is dense and there is no scratching. The most important point is that the opening should be flexible.

5. Reinforced steel for plastic steel doors and windows

According to the national standard, there are different requirements for the wind pressure resistance of plastic steel doors and windows. The frame of the steel door and window and the inner cavity of the fan need to be equipped with reinforced steel. According to the height, there are three types of reinforced steel with thickness of 1.2mm, 1.5mm and 2.0mm to ensure Product robustness and longevity. In order to reduce costs, some manufacturers do not install or install reinforced steel that does not meet the requirements. Customers should pay special attention when purchasing products. The usual inspection methods are:

1. Estimated by the gravimetric method, that is, the weight of the door and window nicknamed, the weight of the door and window with the reinforced steel is heavy, and vice versa. 2. Use a magnet on the frame and fan of the door and window. If the magnet is adsorbed, there will be reinforced steel in the profile, otherwise it will not. 3. Observe whether the frame of the door and window or the screw on the fan is fastened with steel. It can also prove whether it is equipped with reinforced steel.

In short, customers should be cautious when purchasing products, try to use regular manufacturers' products, and strictly check them to avoid being deceived.

2, purchase plastic doors and windows Note:

Do not buy cheap plastic steel doors and windows.

Pay attention to glass and hardware. The glass should be flat and waterless. The glass is not in direct contact with the plastic profile, and the sealing bead is in close contact with the gap. The hardware is complete, the position is correct, the installation is firm, and the use is flexible.

The surface of the door and window should be smooth and flat without breaking welds. The sealing strip should be flat, no curling, no grooving, and the strip is odorless. When the door and window are closed, there is no gap between the fan and the frame.

The doors and windows are all connected one by one and have no screw connection.

Sliding doors and windows open and slide freely, the sound is soft, and no dust falls off.

Special steel linings are embedded in the door and window frames and fan profiles.

The glass should be flat and securely mounted, and the installed glass does not directly contact the profile. Glass glue cannot be used. If the double glass is flat, there should be no dust or moisture in the interlayer.

The switch components are tightly closed and the switch is flexible.

Plastic steel doors and windows are processed in the factory workshop with professional equipment, and can not be framed at the construction site.

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