PET in the hot-filled plastic bottle market is not necessarily promising

The plastic bottle industry is an industry with frequent technological updates. The timely mastery of new products and new technologies is crucial to the development of a company. The emergence of hot-filled plastic bottles is also the result of such an opportunity. The development of plastic bottles has undergone several processes, such as the addition of PEN and the application of barrier coatings. Currently, a more feasible solution is to use multi-layer bottle production technology with EVOH or nylon as the barrier layer in the middle, but it is affected by factors such as cost. It is unclear when this field will be started. PC is currently the main material for the production of 5 gallon drinking water barrels. It has been reported that PET-made drinking water barrels can also meet quality requirements, but in a short period of time, PET plastic bottles still have no substitute. PC's possible.
The crystallization technology of the bottle mouth of hot filled PET plastic bottle is the key, the latest technology can already make the bottle withstand the filling temperature of 93 °C, although from the sterilization point of view, higher temperature may not be necessary. Hot filling plastic The future development trend of the bottle is mainly focused on reducing weight and developing more bottle types. Function showMiniAd(){ var vn = "tinfo"; var dataURL = ""+window._xpt+"&vn="+vn; new LinkFile(dataURL , { type: 'script', noCache: false, callBack: { variable: vn, onLoad: function(){ var data = eval("(" + vn + ")") if(data != null && data.status == 1){ var userLink = data.url; //var userLink = data.icon; $('miniAd').innerHTML = "I'm playing Sohu's Weibo. Come and follow me and get my latest news. It.
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