Digital folding machine: Get 100% utilization of your folding machine

Fully automatic folding machine and seamless JDF digital workflow

You may not know that out of every four MBO folding machines currently sold in western Europe, three are fully automatic folding machines; you may not know that although almost all MBO folding machines customers are in production capacity, The efficiency has been greatly improved, but there are still only a few customers able to fully tap the potential of MBO automatic folding machine.

In fact, how to get 100% utilization of MBO automatic folding machine? The smooth connection with the JDF digital workflow is the best method. The data management software MBODatamanager provided by MBO makes the automatic folding machine easily connect to the MIS system. The data can be sent directly to the folding machine directly by the cost control department or the production department. The folding machine then automatically adjusts the instructions, which can greatly reduce the time for the folding machine and at the same time greatly reduces the possibility of manual error input data causing malfunction. And through the JDF digital workflow to integrate all the folding machine controls, of course, combined with MBO's own automatic folding technology, you can easily make the user's production efficiency doubled.

The key to this possible realization is that the MBO data management software MBODatamanager can connect seamlessly with almost all digital workflows. So far, MBO has established good technical cooperation with 16 digital process suppliers. At the same time, this number is increasing every year, so users can continue to obtain a flexible and extensive software environment after investing in MBO folding machines. No need to worry about upgrades and other risks.

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