Marken Brings Joint RFID and Product Tracking Solutions

Marken has announced the launch of RFID solutions in Europe, including: Cimjet RFID-E tag encoder/labeler, and RFID SmartStartTM Desktop. The solution has enough room to enable companies to quickly establish a compliant RFID system while preparing integrated software for the future, as well as services for logistics centers and packaging pipelines.

At the same time, Marken also provides Track and Trace Solutions, which is based on the same software platform as the company's RFID solution. Customers use Markon's CoLOS software platform to trace the history of a batch of products throughout the entire production chain. This ensures compliance with EU food laws and tracking data can also be used to increase the efficiency of work procedures (eg, product recalls). The "Sudan Red" panic in the United Kingdom proved the need for product tracking.

The Cimjet RFID-E tag encoder/labeler is at the heart of the Marken RFID solution. The device automatically encodes RFID tags at a faster rate and attaches the tags to the carton and carton, providing higher tag position accuracy and data integrity than manual “shoot and shoot” systems.

The Cimjet RFID-E tag encoder/labeler also automatically rejects bad tags and counts them, which is a crucial feature in high-volume automation applications. Based on the proven Cimjet instant printing-labeling system, the device has an average time between failures of over 12,000 hours to meet extremely high production requirements, longer equipment uptime, and lower operating costs.

The RFID SmartStart desktop appears in the form of a Test and Compliance Package, which enables the rapid establishment of RFID systems in accordance with specifications, the ability to integrate software and services, and the ability to capture future business value. Among them, the test package can quickly detect and place RFID tags for suppliers that are in the early stages of the RFID project. The specification package provides enterprises with an integrated system that contains all the specifications that RFID must comply with. The RFID SmartStart Desktop is an introduction to RFID that enables manufacturers to quickly learn the basics. With the development of the company to the stage of automatic labeling in logistics centers and packaging lines, the software platform during the trial period can continue to be used. With the RFID SmartStart desktop system, customers can get everything they need from a single supplier, saving time and money.

Combining RFID with product tracking solutions has many benefits. Companies can start with a very simple solution that can meet RFID or product tracking requirements and gradually evolve into a system that integrates with their production processes and ultimately gain commercial benefits.

Companies will also use RFID and product tracking data to achieve a wide range of benefits in the supply chain, such as: product recall range control, more accurate shipments, reduce inventory, reduce retail stores out of stock and inventory loss. Marken provides integrated solutions from the same supplier, reducing the complexity and cost of the project, and quickly creating a good return on investment for customers.

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Marken is a globally recognized pioneer in providing innovative, reliable product identification solutions for world-class companies. Solutions include equipment, software, parts and services for the food, beverage, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and electronics industries. Marken is also a leader in the practical application of RFID technology. Headquartered in Keene, New Hampshire, the company has subsidiary R&D and manufacturing facilities in San Diego, CA, Nottingham, England, and Schoten, Belgium, and has established subsidiaries, distributors, and representatives in more than 50 countries around the world.

Source: Packaging Machinery

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