Precautions when stretching

1. Before using the new and old frames, it must be determined whether they can be used flat. The unevenness of the frame will seriously affect the stability of the stretch net. At the same time, the frame must be polished sufficiently to be used.

2. The new frame must be washed out of oil, and the old frame must be removed from the original glue. It must be cleaned before use.

3. The best temperature for the adhesive mesh is ≥25°C, the humidity is between 50% and 70%, the temperature is low, the drying time is prolonged accordingly, the drying time is shortened accordingly; when the humidity is >70%, the drying time should be extended accordingly. If necessary, apply infrared light to dry and dry it with a fan.

4. The cold weather should pay special attention because the moisture in the air condenses on the surface of the frame. Although the humidity is not high at this time, it is better to dry the frame or use it after being dried in the sun.

5. In the rainy days or spring, due to the relatively humid air, in addition to the normal processing of the frame, special attention should be paid to the frame drying before the primer can be applied. When the adhesive is stretched, the dehumidifying device should be prepared or the infrared lamp should be used to match the fan to dry it.

6. The oven temperature is preferably 40-45°C. If the oven temperature exceeds 50°C, the sticky mesh begins to soften and it is easy to drop the net.

Need special note is that many of his peers like to use cheap adhesive for adhesive mesh, please use it with caution. Compared with sticky net adhesive, Wan Nengjiao stretch net has the following disadvantages: 1 the surface viscosity is large, not easy to penetrate the net; 2 long drying time, low work efficiency; 3 soft film, initial viscosity and the final stretch net strength is not high; 4 coated Poor brushability, easy to draw; 5 poor adhesion to the frame; 6 rainy days and wet days easily off the net. These are taboos for sticky nets, so it is better not to promote use.

7. After using an all-purpose adhesive to stick the net, it is not easy to tear off the old net and stretch the net, and the residual adhesive on the frame is uneven, which affects the next time the net is stretched.

Source: China Washing & Dyeing Industry Information Center

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