Accurately positioned film roll controller

The H6421 film roll guide controller from North American Mfg. is a compact device. With touch control panel and pulse width modulation drive system. It is installed in an IP55 waterproof and dustproof rack that operates with a 24 volt DC supply. The device can be used with SimpPlex sensors and actuators to provide precise roll guide positioning, including: edge guides, center guides, and subsequent processing steps.

         Heavy Duty Loading Capacity Furniutre Leveler

We offer a variety of Cabinet Leveler, leg leveler, and furniture leveler for everyday

 use. Everyone knows that uneven legs on a table or stand can be annoying. Legs

 that aren't adjustable, or uneven floors can lead to wobbly furniture. Levelers and casters are a great solution to this common problem

furniture leveler

Heavy Duty Lifting Leveler

Heavy Duty Lifting Leveler,Heavy Duty Leg Leveler,Heavy Duty Furniture Levelers,Heavy Duty Table Levelers,Cabinet Leveler

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