Do your own personalized lantern toy--lighting common sense

Although there are many kinds of lanterns on the street, it is not easy to pick a lantern that you are very satisfied with. It is a good idea to make your own lanterns and enjoy the production. The fun of the process, and the other to the beloved, can also show more sincerity.

1. Material preparation: bamboo strips, cotton thread, paste (glue), iron wire, gauze, candle, tissue paper, bamboo planer, scissors, etc.

Second, the production steps:

1. Put the bamboo in the steam room for half an hour, then take it out and let it dry in the shade, but not too dry, or expose it to light.

2. Use bamboo planer to remove the rough skin of the bamboo surface.

3. Cut the length required for the bamboo strip; this depends on the size of the lantern.

4. The weaving method completes the lamp holder in a crosswise manner.

5. In the middle of the lamp holder, the number of bamboo rings on the wall of the lamp can also be used.

6. Paste (裱) lantern, first paste cotton gauze, then stick two layers of single-gloss paper for lanterns. (If there is no single-gloss paper, fine cotton paper can also be used.) Paste cotton gauze must first dilute the paste Uniform flat brush on the surface of the skeleton, then attach the cut gauze to the lamp holder, and then brush the paste with a brush. Here, you need to pay attention to it. The brush that brushes the paste must be a clean brush. Otherwise, The lamp surface will be a mess. At the same time, the paper must be pasted without a seam to be truly finished.

7. Place the lantern in a cool, ventilated place to dry.

8. Painted. Painted according to personal taste to take the desired pattern, such as characters, eight immortals, flowers and birds, ladies and so on.

9. After painting, decide whether to write the text according to the situation. After the words and patterns are completely dry, add a layer of tung oil, and then wait for the tung oil to dry, and the lantern will be completed.

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