Brand Design's Integrality and Individuality (Part 2)

(B) to strengthen the brand association with hearing

Sound and music affect corporate image and brand recognition in two ways. As a background, it is also possible to enhance brand recognition and consumer association with the brand in terminal display or other marketing. In advertising communication, it is the main factor in creating brand recognition and brand association. Everyone knows that if the sound is highly structured, we listen to music. Each company has its own theme in strengthening brand recognition and brand association. Background sounds can bring perfection, harmony, and unity to the world. It can make people depressed, happy, sad, and anxious.

Many services require sound, especially restaurants, hotels, hair salons, restaurants, and airports. Therefore, how each company carefully selects advertising music and creates different timbres and tones is also one of the important contents of integrated brand communication.

Music and sound in advertising can also create brand recognition and brand association. Rumei's microwave TV commercials, using the visual impact of fresh vegetable shake and crisp music to express its freshness, is a very good case. Background sounds and music can enhance consumer brand recognition. Because sound is a powerful emotional and behavioral cues, and vision produces a very vivid beauty, it is difficult to change the visual elements, and the sound is very easy to change. It is also constantly changing in nature. Therefore, due to the inherent variability of sound and its ease of change, it becomes a flexible, low-cost tool for creating enhanced brand recognition.

(3) Using touch to touch the consumer's association with the brand

Materials can give a certain feeling to the product. In the integrated brand communication application, important materials for brand identification are used in the materials used in prints, interior and exterior decoration, company uniforms, and terminal exhibitions.

Whether the reception desk is marble or wood, and whether the uniforms are wool or polyester are all distinctive personalities and styles. Materials can create associations that are related to warmth, strength, and nature. What kinds of materials are used in a product will produce different brand associations. Inorganic materials such as marble, glass or metal are generally considered cold and hard, while organic materials such as wood and leather are considered warm and soft. It is generally believed that coarse materials are mostly used for outdoor objects, while smooth materials are suitable for indoor objects, but different visual enjoyment can also be produced by changing the design direction. Such as "beautiful" microwave oven with tempered glass facade, different from the competition of the plastic door. Tempered glass gives consumers a feeling of safety and durability. The plastic door feels fragile and unreliable. Only the material changes will enable consumers to shift the brand, which has helped the “beautiful” microwave oven to seize the market.

(D) to use the taste to capture the consumer's brand feel

The sense of smell comes mainly from the sense of smell, and the sense of smell is the strongest feeling. In our living environment, odors are ubiquitous. Although taste cannot create brand recognition, it can enhance brand recognition and brand association. The "beautiful" rice cooker started its marketing with the sense of smell when it opened the market. They use rice cookers directly at major shopping malls to cook rice. The aroma of rice attracts consumers' attention to rice cookers in the United States, making it easy for “beautiful people” to recommend various advantages of “beautiful” rice cookers to customers, and to make “beauty” the world’s largest rice cooker production base. .

Many companies plan product serialization through odor differences. Odor is made up of some ingredients that can produce a lot of sensations. Odors are generally divided into seven types: 1 mint, 2 floral, 3 elegant, 4 musk, 5 resin, 6 malodorous, and 7 spicy. Through research, women reflect different odors than men, and scent has a psychological and physiological effect. Humans have excellent ability to distinguish various odors, and the memory of odors may be the strongest memory that people have. The experience, assessment, and cognitive learning of odors may depend to a large extent on text labels.

Differences in odors, strong memory of odors, and the ability to create unique associations make olfaction an enhanced tool for company or brand recognition. Instead of scent itself, we compare it with other things to show that scent can evoke memory. The smell of spring is floral; the smell of summer is fruity; the smell of autumn is the smell of rice; the smell of winter may be pine. When a marketer establishes or reinforces a certain type of identification, he or she can easily establish the desired brand feeling through smell.

In short, design style is a manifestation of integrated brand communication. Brand planners and brand managers should establish styles based on brand strategy. It can rationally reflect brand personality and commonality, thus building brand awareness, reputation, loyalty, and Brand association. In integrating brand communication planning, we must comprehensively use the overall and individual means of design style.

Author: Zhao Shiqi Sun Lixin Source: Design Online

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