Packaging CAD/CAM system has new development

As the digitization of packaging processes continues to deepen, new products have been introduced for packaging CAD/CAM systems.

Artwork introduced the ArtPro system, where the PowerLock module uses an easy-to-use screening technique to support digital copyright protection. Embedding this invisible pattern on a small object of a packaged product, such as an icon, an image, or a partial decorative pattern, can only be seen when one of the transparencies used as a tester is seen on the top. Identify counterfeit packaging products on the market.

EngView's EVS ynergy software features artificial intelligence. The software features snap-to-lines and automatically memorizes angles and line lengths when manually changing packaging components. The system also has a cost estimation function. Through an electronic form, the user can clearly see the changes in production costs as the carton design changes and the type of layout changes.

BARCO has launched a new module of Esco software, which provides package prepress solutions with features such as precise dot compensation, color management, WYSIWYG and other professional printing software. By combining Esco with ArtiosCAD software, you can cover the entire process of printing and packaging, compatible with each other's file formats, and achieve a digital workflow.

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