Laminating machine with waterproof and cleaning function available

The sF series laminating machine developed and manufactured by Changzhou Changzheng Packaging Machinery Factory is a new type of laminating machine, which is easy to operate and has a high degree of automation. It has strong applicability to plastic films and adhesives, simple structure, and stable quality. After laminating, the surface of the printed product is bright, bright, clear, and has the advantages of waterproof and cleaning. It can be widely used in book covers, card samples, packaging carton lining, etc. It is the ideal equipment to improve the quality of printed matter.

Foam Tape

Foam Double Sided Tape is high temperature resistant, tight and durable adhesion. Adhesive Foam Tape is widely automative accessories, electronics, decoration and other industries. Foam seal tape can be used on even or uneven surface, easy to apply by hand.  The thickness of  self adhesive foam tape is from 100 to 250 micron,  the width is from 24mm to 70mm, the length is 50 to 200 yards. Could make custom foam mounting tape

Foam Tape

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