Cariant Introduces New Protective Coating for Food Packaging

Swiss company Clariant recently introduced Cartaseal VCL, a protective coating for new types of food (including frozen foods) packaging sheets, which offers advantages to paper and board manufacturers because the protective coating can be used not only for on-line operation, but also It can also be used in the offline situation.

As a protective film for oil, oil, water, and water vapor, it can be used to package pizzas, fish, meat, pies, and other convenience foods. As another and optional technique of extrusion coating technology, this new type of coating can be recycled, reprocessed or combined. The first large-scale application of Carraseal VGL in the commercial sector was in the South American market where convenience foods had surged. This protective coating with water as a diluting agent is currently being produced on a large scale in Brazil. The main user is StlZallO, a manufacturer of pulp, paper and board.

Cartaseal VCL coating technology was developed by Clariant's Global Paper Chemicals Centre in the United Kingdom. This technology is currently being used by Clariant's Brazilian manufacturing facility to support the Brazilian Suzano company's development in food packaging for paperboard. . At present Suzan's supply products for this market are mainly TPP. 1ar cardboard. Product Manager NikKinnunen said: “It's great to see that a new type of product can achieve such a gratifying achievement in the business field. At present we are working hard to bring CartasealVCL to the world.”

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