Cool smart watch design manuscript exposure

Not long ago, foreign media exposure of some smart watches spy photos, but has never seen the domestic manufacturers force. Recently, Yulong Coolpad Vice President Zhang Guangqiang in the Weibo exposure of a suspected smart watch design draft pattern, which is also the first exposure of domestic manufacturers of wearable devices. From the information weibo exposure we can see that the design manuscript has been iterated many times and has now been updated to version V13. According to speculate that the accessories product design has gradually matured, I believe soon to market. At the same time Zhang Guangqiang pointed out in the microblogging, Cool smart watches are "cool accessory products", it is likely to cool the future with the flagship mobile phone products to adapt. Yulong Cool chairman Guo Deying said in an interview before the media, Coolpad has plans to launch smart watch products. For the future development of wearable devices, Guo Deying believes that the smart watch is only the first product launched by a wearable device. The pure smart phone is likely to disappear in the next 10 years. Wearing equipment will be an important direction for the current smart phone business transformation. Smart watch feature : With the coordinated development of major science and technology in the 21st century, the four basic functions of wrist decoration will usher in a historic change, and this change refers to the watch "social function" and "religious function" , The relative degradation of "decorative functions" (rather than absolute degradation), and the strong rise of "utility functions." And lead to a major change in history is the "smart watch." Smart watches in the present can be described as a hot word, the world's leading technology companies have stepped in, hoping to take a share in the new round of market boom ... [into the topic] Xiaobian recommended Patek Philippe led the expensive snow inlaid watch 2013 Basel New: Le Meridien New World Series watch BOSS Men's Watch HB 1013 Classic, timeless and super smooth design BOSS Men's Watch Men's Chain Watch H1015 BOSS men's watch exquisite sports watch Interpretation of enamel table tenderness areas in the mechanical world Franck Muller Vintage new 7-Days Power Reserve mechanical watch Patek Philippe - The only surviving family in Geneva is a watchmaker

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